Rich people do things to flex on poor people, then poor people do those things to follow the trends set by the rich people.

Example 1: once spices became cheap and ubiquitous in Europe, rich people began eating unseasoned meat, only eating cuts that were good enough and fresh enough to taste good on their own. This is the source of white people not seasoning their food. It's dumb.

Example 2: now that decorative items to fill a home are cheap and plentiful, the rich live in massive empty houses to flex all the space they can afford. Minimalism is just showing off how much floorspace you can afford to waste on empty white expanses because house prices are out of control.

General comment about social media: Many folks choose not to use the closed systems of Facebook/Instagram. If you only operate in those systems, you are missing people.

*carries a tiny toy computer mouse around in its mouth*

Elon Musk should be YEETed into the Sun, and competitors of SpaceX ought to contact Whole Man/Whole Person Disposal on the birdhellsite to put out bids to do just that.

Hi folks, the birdhellsite is making me sad, so I'm trying this out.

Magical Girl Party!

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