@parenthetical The Lady Éowyn of Rohan, Princess of Ithilien, approves this message.

@emma I have several questions for this coven: 1) Artemis/Cynthia (I have some name mojo invested in this) is famously known for smacking down folx who mess with Her. Do they really want to throw down? 2) What did the fae/Sun do to them? 3) Fascists make lovely targets, you know.

General comment about social media: Many folks choose not to use the closed systems of Facebook/Instagram. If you only operate in those systems, you are missing people.

@ceejbot My late cat Snickers would floomp like she had gotten the Vulcan neck pinch.

*carries a tiny toy computer mouse around in its mouth*

@mhoye @emma @gnomon Considering how the current US regime is weaponizing the pandemic to target marginalized people, this reads all too unfortunately likely.

@ceejbot This reminds me of when I told @emma that to me, Json payloads are stinkypoo. I don't code; I clean litterboxes.

Elon Musk should be YEETed into the Sun, and competitors of SpaceX ought to contact Whole Man/Whole Person Disposal on the birdhellsite to put out bids to do just that.

@tindall I spent 20.5 years back in the dark mists of time working for AMD, so I started to twitch a little bit from flashbacks.

Hi folks, the birdhellsite is making me sad, so I'm trying this out.

Magical Girl Party!

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