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Hi, new people, I'm Emma. I'm a queer, trans non-binary woman (she/they,) amateur astronomer, and wife of @cynthia1960.

I get paid to help people make web browsers, and have cats, a lot of tiny computers, and I like cooking, hockey, indie pop, shoegaze, and post punk.

I'm helping make the all-online version of happen this year too.

The photo is Json, the youngest of our cats. They are extra, but I love them.

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"[Executives at Mitsubishi and Matsushita] also believed that any woman willing to give up the requisite time, effort, and sleep it took to prepare perfect rice was a 'failed housewife' anyway."

Context is telling the men to get up at 5am and start cooking the rice then.

When taking a shorter shutter speed so I don't overexpose the moon, Jupiter's barely visible, and you can't see Saturn.

1/20.0 sec
200 mm
ISO 100

Sony RX100-M7

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Tonight's Grand Conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn.

I had to overexpose the Moon to get enough light from Saturn.

This was taken with a Sony RX100-M7

1/2 sec
200 mm
ISO 100

The 200 meter 'no fun allowed' zone around the ISS is because you have inertia, and that can lead to no fun outcomes.

sobriety, :cannabis_leaf: 

hey it's cool to respect and actively support people's sobriety!

stoners: hey yeah for sure!

including when the substance in question is cannabis!!

stoners: well hold on you probably haven't tried the right strain yet,

abuse, fandom, idol worship 

And that just once small bit of what is wrong with fandom today.

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abuse, fandom, idol worship 

Meanwhile, after Minnesota Public Radio cancelled Prairie Home Companion and the successor shows-because of a history of aggression and abuse by the hosts-a group in Second Life who met every week to listen to the show decided they will now meet weekly to listen to archives of the show as if nothing happened.

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abuse, fandom, idol worship 

The acceptance speech given by last year's Astounding Award winner, which prompted the Award's new name. Won the Hugo for Best Related Work.

The speech called out Campbell for being a Nazi.

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abuse, fandom, idol worship 

In summary:

Retro Hugo Awards were given to John W. Campbell and H.P. Lovecraft this week.

The recipient of the Astounding Award (Not a Hugo, but given at the start of the Hugo Awards) spoke about the abuse and aggressions new BIPOC writers experience.

The Toastmaster of the Hugo Award ceremony lavished praise on Campbell, and talked about himself and his peers for close to two hours.

After decades in the tech industry and living through toxic workplaces, I can say with certainty that two things are wailing sirens of a workplace problem:

* Ignoring organizational goals because they don't matter.
* Complete emotional detachment.

These are survival techniques for maintaining psychological safety in a hostile environment. If you find yourself doing these, start asking why. Interrogate. Learn.

"The proper role of an awards show host is to keep the audience entertained between awards and get the fuck out of the way of the people being honored. Martin did neither."

So the Science Fiction Worldcon (technically in New Zealand, but 'virtual' this year due to pandemic) is in full swing.

As I mentioned before, I was lead developer on a VR Exhibits Hall for the convention. We call it 'Squid Hall'.

Here is a thread of screenshots.

Of course there's a whole lot more in the hall. We've managed to pack in an enormous amount of content and are adding more as the convention progresses. If you are a member of the convention, check it out!

If you aren't? Well, sorry dude. Member's only.

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abuse, epstien 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a cis-man in possession of tenure at an Ivy League school, or a good fortune will decide he can rape young girls and produce psudo-scientific evopsych nonsense to defend himself.

HEY AMERICANS, big reminder: you can text "USPS" to 50409 to sign a big-ass petition to save the United States Postal Service that'll get sent to your congress reps. inexpensive, reliable mail service is crucial to everyone in the American comics industry, as well as everyone else in the creative and small business fields. signing only takes a minute and doesn't require any info more personal than your street address and email. DO IT!

Ten modern layouts in one line of #CSS.This post highlights a few powerful lines of CSS that do some serious heavy lifting and help you build robust modern layouts.


i am now participating in the cultural event of blaseball

Blaseball and 17776 take place in the same universe, prove me wrong

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