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This made me laugh and cry at the same time. We humans are incredible creatures. We can kill this virus ourselves. I am staying inside to save the person who wrote this and their family.

The camera I’m using to photograph tonight’s full Moon, a Canon PowerShot G9, is old enough that I can’t plug the SD card directly into my computer. I have to use a USB cable to connect to the computer.

The Queen did her speech to the nation while wearing green

This has resulted in exactly what you'd expect

(collection of images follows, all showing the Queen photoshopped to be wearing various t-shirts)

Margaret Burbidge, the astronomer who's work demonstrated how we are all made of "star-stuff," has passed at the age of 100. Here's a celebration of her life and work from last year in Sky & Telescope.

we should think about it, it's 2020 and one of the most portable way to code is doing it into an emulation of a 30 year old computer


Recipe: "two cloves of garlic"

What is this, homeopathic garlic?

If you let unescaped commas into the contents of your CSV file in this godforsaken year of two thouand and twenty you should be incarcerated. You go to directly to Data Nerd Jail. One year.

Here's the thing: browsers are good.

Browsers are cursed, as a concept, but of all the software in the world they're some of the most trustworthy in general, in one critical sense.



Cynthia and I learned about one-duvet-per-person on our trips to Germany and Scandinavia and switched at home a couple of years ago. It’s totally comfy and doesn’t interfere with being affectionate.

Tonight’s waxing gibbous moon.

You can see the fall walls of some craters on the terminator peeking out the lunar dawn.

Photo from a iPhone held to the lens of binoculars.


Ty Segall covers Nilsson Schmilsson. The buzzed-out-and-echoey version of “Jump Into the Fire” is 👩‍🍳💋.

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