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Northern Europe, where they build telecom relay towers out of concrete and it’s no big deal.

Chonky boi of Houthavens again this morning in the hotel lobby as I left for my pre-dawn walk (mind that dawn is late up here so I’m not flexing on virtue.)

Your beauty lasts beyond the grave
The angels call you, sainted maid
Although you're nameless here, forever more
Your voice is like forgotten lore
I'm rapping at the chamber door
I cannot compete with you, Lenore
Lenore Lenore Lenore Lenore
I'm begging of you please don't haunt my man

More cats of Amsterdam: this chonky boi was resting on Cyn’s mobility scooter this morning. The hotel staff say he lives in one of the boats on the quay but likes the hotel lobby.

This newly released version of Bowie’s Stay is wicked as anything, by which I mean it is pure and good.

This looks like a cool project.

"The Open Book aims to be a simple device that anyone with a soldering iron can build for themselves. The Open Book should be comprehensible: the reader should be able to look at it and understand, at least in broad strokes, how it works. It should be extensible, so that a reader with different needs can write code and add accessories that make the book work for them."

#TheOpenBook #OddlySpecific #Arduino

Grateful I’m about to the leave the country for the duration of the Gaze of the Superb Owl.

If I’m reading this right, the reason MSG got a bad reputation in the US is that some guy got indigestion, blamed MSG, and a doctor buddy of his wrote it up in a medical journal?

Tomorrow is the last day to propose panel programming for WisCon 45. Get your suggestions in!

I want to see more programing on genderqueer, trans, and gender non-conforming/intersex topics that goes beyond 101.

It’s been a rough week so here’s the actual Japanese Navy band performing the best fictional Japanese Space Navy song.

Hey #Mastodon / #Pleroma creatures, which interface(s) do you use on a regular basis, and if you feel like explaining, why do you like it? Select all that apply!

Boosts for visibility would be much appreciated!

Since our answer is not to be found in culture, perhaps we should look to changes a little bit more... material.

Some historians provide an exact date for the beginning of the renaissance (also known as the early modern era): 1492. This date is notable for two things: the rescue of Christopher Columbus's lost-ass ship by native americans, and the violent expulsion of Muslims and Jews from current-day Spain.

boosting colleagues:

Open Tech Strategies (OpenTechStrat on birdsite)
Please share: We're looking for more engineers for #opensource work. Esp: Javascript experience and experience in back-end scalability (load balancing, detecting serialization bottlenecks, etc).

/cc @lizhenry #MozillaLifeboat #DigitalOceanLifeboat

so, um

anyone else had this situation

you're lured to an illicit evening trying something you tend to avoid ("OpenGL"), it passes in a haze

then eight years later a grown-up repo arrives on your doorstep, calls you Daddy and asks to move back in


all advice welcome

(as @qdot said elsewhere, "It's a bit odd to be 82230 commits out of sync" is a beautiful phrase)

Anyone want a badass senior release manager, experienced in F/LOSS? Bay Area/Remote. I'm so proud of my work at Mozilla, shipping Firefox to hundreds of millions of people around the world. <3

Mozilla just laid off 70 fantastic people. If you can help them - open positions, offering helpful conversations and references, anything else - please say so.

Use #MozillaLifeboat as an umbrella tag for easy finding. (It's already flowing on the birdsite.)

If you've been affected, I'm happy to chat directly. Also have some open positions (see rest of this thread). But doesn't have to be today - take time to recover if you can.

Most of all: thank you folks for making the web better.

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