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Hi, new people, I'm Emma. I'm a queer, trans non-binary woman (she/they,) amateur astronomer, and wife of @cynthia1960.

I get paid to help people make web browsers, and have cats, a lot of tiny computers, and I like cooking, hockey, indie pop, shoegaze, and post punk.

I'm helping make the all-online version of happen this year too.

The photo is Json, the youngest of our cats. They are extra, but I love them.

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If anyone's in the mood to write their congresspeople, #ThisFineCrew has got a nice template about shutting down the Dakota Access Pipline up right now:

Now write one about djinn fucking up the executives at Uber and Lyft.

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New story from Annalee Newitz: contracts with the fae in the gig economy, what could go wrong?

Went on a bicycle ride and brought back burritos for dinner. Trying to be hopeful about things.

"I don't trust anyone who says they wouldn't want to live through high school all over again"

Oh hey, I found the guy who's never met a queer person

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Make cis-white men and their allies afraid to exist.

Letters of marque, but for the capture and ransom of billionaires on yachts.

We need a streamlined process for admins to block instances.

Strength to everyone having to deal with clueless liberal tweets and comments on Slack about how our nightmare is over while people are still dying, homeless, and don't have healthcare.

The arc of the universe only bends towards justice if you get out and push.

do you think Anakin spent a lot of time on the star wars universe version of chan boards? i bet he did

> "Music is healing. Write that down first."-- Prince Rogers Nelson, to their biographer

poll for Black people, boost ++ 

Poll meant at Black fedi users (newcomers and elders).

Would you be interested in joining a Black-only Masto instance* where older Fedi users could volunteer to give ✌🏾 trainings✌🏾 about online antiblack behavior, how to detect avoid/defend from them, sharing experiences + more general admin/moderation advice for people who would like to run Black/Indigenous instances?

*The instance would be completely defederated from the whole Fediverse, at least for the first weeks/months of its existence.

COVID-19, Data, Project Management 

It turns out that the US Dept. of HHS' system for tracking COVID-19 data turned out to be a good thing.

We were all super suspicious of the switch from CDC to HHS' system as Trump trying to hide the severity of the outbreaks, with good reason.

This is another way white supremacists erode public infrastructure, we anticipate lies and corruption.

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