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Define your process. Change one thing and measure. Iterate.

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This is a common type of attack on image recognition.

Make a sticker which looks like noise to a sighted person, but a car will interpret as a stop sign.

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ML and TERF-y BS 

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Machine learning weirdness 

is punk inherently political

(boosts good to get more accurate poll results)

Happy book-day to to!

My copy of Hood Feminism's waiting for me at the bookstore.

First-ever international meeting of app-based transport workers to develop global strategy to challenge platform companies

Rest easy, Dr. Johnson. Thank you for the hell you raised.

📣 Hey all, I'm in a bit of a tight spot so I wanted to remind everyone that I am open for commissions. Boosts are extremely appreciated. If you have questions about any of the examples, please ask! 💕 💀 💕
#Commission #MastoArt

Wikis really are where information goes to die.

Image description: The ISS passes in front of the waning crescent Moon from upper left to lower right and Mars appears to the upper right of the Moon after being occulted by it.

Image description: Billboard reading “What about the kids in cages? What temperature your steak is served at is not an issue.”

via: bike-mloomberg-billboard.glitc

Music of the day:

It’s Mardi Gras on Titan, a krew devoted to Fela Kuti and his works lumber out of the petrochemical smog with instruments built out of canabalized spacecraft and launch vehicles.

Black Market Brass: N. B. T.

Hey, if you follow me on, I moved my account here because this is where I'm posting these days.

Want to run a Flask or even a Perl app on Gltich? The secrets of the configuration files are getting documented.!/glitchnomic

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