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On not talking to Nazis 

We found the concept drawings for the sex doll that the last human (a billionaire) will have a heart attack and die while jerking himself off in.

The glorious thing is that a true Hilbert curve cake pan would contain an infinity of cakes.

the 588th Night Witches were a squad of russian bomber women who earned their name Nachthexen from the nazis because they would fly by night, turn off their goddamn engines to swoop in their outdated planes (often crop-dusters), whoosh over the target making this amazing sudden "witch's broom" RRSSSSH sound and manually eject bombs on german targets. they sometimes used their chart pencils as eyeliner and did not use radios and minimal metal so they couldn't be detected. No parachutes, no nothin. fuckin' ride or die. Marina Raskova assembled and trained this all-female team of fighters, many of whom were rewarded prestigious medals and in total over thirty thousand missions were completed. Thirty pilots were lost. They were hated and feared by the nazis who would receive high honors if they could actually take down one of the Night Witches and also assumed they had been experimented on so they could see in the dark. uh sorry, douchebags. but the witches are just better than you.

If we want to get *really* scifi, maybe these hypothetical carbon capture machines could construct *themselves* out of captured carbon, possibly using some kind of tiny pod containing most of the materials needed to get started as well as the information to construct the entire machine... Maybe these pods could, themselves, be made through carbon capture using the same machines, making them self-replicating without any technical skills needed

But this is all some kind of absurd pipe dream, of course. It's not like self-replicating material-producing carbon capture machines grow on trees

An emotional, often joyous time as Donna Haraway hosts exploration of the carrier bags of various #slsa2019 attendees

I offer Public Universal Friend, reborn genderless in 1776, as a counterpoint to people who think non-binary identities are a new thing.

trying to enjoy my life as a black dude but i'm always two steps away from getting transformed into a marketable toon creature so the international market can accept me

Hey fellow #mastoadmin types: is there a better way to customize my instance's names for things (toots, favorites, boosts, etc) than editing en.json and en.yml?

I just re-installed Ubuntu on my personal laptop, is this a right of passage?

Also it's the week that Elon gives a presentation that hits the sweet spot between stoned dorm suite-mate and Bond villain but is 100% late capitalist nightmare fuel.

I'm glad the Motherboard understands that the joke behind the original name of the Otherwise Award did not age well.

Remember when Woz was exiled to that office in the phantom zone triangle of Stevens Creek, 280, and Lawrence?

Apple still has an office there!

Person talking about asset bubbles and the environment keeping them up at night.

Dear, what if I told you the two are related?

paper mario is fucking terrifying to me. imagine someone tells you that you can turn a new way and suddenly you can perceive an additional dimension of space. all of mario's dialogue should be screaming.

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