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Hi, new people, I'm Emma. I'm a queer, trans non-binary woman (she/they,) amateur astronomer, and wife of @cynthia1960.

I get paid to help people make web browsers, and have cats, a lot of tiny computers, and I like cooking, hockey, indie pop, shoegaze, and post punk.

I'm helping make the all-online version of happen this year too.

The photo is Json, the youngest of our cats. They are extra, but I love them.

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Uber but for kicking anyone promoting Etherium in the junk.

uspol, abortion 

Any person who would restrict access to abortion for any reason is an enemy of the people and should be treated accordingly.

Abortion is medicine, and medicine is a human right.

what DS9 thought Alexander Siddig would look like 27 years later vs how he actually looks 27 years later

> "Seventy-two percent of adults polled in a 2011 study said they believe a woman should give up her maiden name when she gets married, and half of those who responded said they believe that it should be a legal requirement, not a choice."

Why are these people allowed to vote, much less exist?

Abortion on demand without apology, and death to those who oppose this.

In lieu of *that* streaming service's self promotion thing, here's the music I bought and listened to this year and the last few years:

The year is 3632. Travelers faithfully take their shoes off and put them in a box and then take them back out of the box and put them back on before boarding the interstellar cruisers. No one is certain of the origin of this custom but it is thought to be based on superstitions of the 21st century when people thought taking off your shoes before air travel was good luck

Lazyweb: is there a perl incantation that amounts to “look at this source file and have CPAN install its dependencies”?

The McDonald's/Taylor Ice Cream machine saga is getting fun now that Taylor and McDonalds had to cough up documents.

"I can see by what you carry that you come from Barrytown." -- Becker and Fagen, "Barrytown," from Steely Dan: Pretzel Logic

The cat
He destroyed the living room
The nip is out!

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