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Did I mention I build and fly rockets? This is Super Bonbon, my L1 high power rocketry cert flight, launching in the Mojave Desert in the summer of 2021.

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, you say?

Hi. I'm Emma, a nonbinary trans woman who builds rockets, cooks, looks after cats, and builds developer tools and infrastructure.

I have a blog at

I live in Oakland and pay Shuumi to the Ohlone people whose land this is --

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The neoliberal approach to the web: obsessing about innovation and competition. Framing everything in terms of companies and consumers.

Innovation is not especially important, and it could be argured that not many new software concepts have appeared since the 1970s. Lots of people have ideas, but implementation is what matters.

Competition exists, but it is not what takes the web forward. What makes things work is cooperation around standards. RFCs and rough consensus. Specification documents. So obsessing over competition is barking up the wrong tree. Making silos compete more would not help.


nazi space boer, sexual abuse 

When I moved to California I was told that almost every Acura in the Oracle parking lot belonged to a person Larry Ellison sexually harassed.

That was Oracle's shut up and we won't destroy your life payment.

Elon's just another abuser, paying more for silence.

I hope he's stripped of his companies and has to crawl off and cry into his Krugerrands.

Traditional Tech Industry Jobs
- Data Scientist (cool)
- Data Scientist (evil)
- Program Manager (exhausted)
- Product Manager (a/b testing breakfast)
- Distinguished Engineer (enigmatic)
- Venture Capitalist (amoral)
- QA Engineer (overworked)
- Engineer in Test (underpaid)
- Support Rep (exhuasted, harassed, and underpaid)
- Lead Engineer (bro)
- Jr. Engineer (harassed)
- Front End Engineer (has react components for everything, including human interactions)
- CTO (jetlagged)

Traditional Canadian jobs:
- lumberjack
- farmer who has so much work he needs to adopt an orphan
- Mountie (handsome)
- log driver
- Mountie (goofy)
- maple syrup tapper
- being in Toronto
- gold panner
- librarian (perverted)
- archivist (not perverted)
- lonely cowboy
- contemplation (wilderness or Arctic)
- canoeing
- burning the White House
- tormented by the wheat fields
- married to a French Canadian

musk, fraud, securities 

Musk's attempt to buy Twitter is now understood in terms of all his shenanigans being uncovered.

Same as Trump's buying the presidency was how he was avoiding liability for his fraud.

They are happy to kill us all to keep from answering for their actions.

This is a stock Estes' Big Daddy upgraded with aircraft plywood fins, a 38mm motor mount (will fly on an H100 first) and the nose cone opened up inside for a welded eyebolt epoxied in place at the tip for weight, and to make room for the recovery gear.

The next version of this (54mm) will have to switch to fiberglass airframe, nose, and fins. Making it a Big Daddy of Theseus.

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it’s time to light the fire
it’s time to raise the dead
it’s time to profane god
on the muppet show tonight

Heidi White and Christina Nitsis (Dunlap/U of Toronto) are soft-launching Astrodigenous: a portal to support educators to find and appropriately, respectfully use materials on Indigenous astronomy.

They have a search tool+content tags! Amazing!

They have all their tools on github!…
(Even more amazing!!)


One of the rockets I’m flying this weekend, cat included for scale.

i'm sure there are a lot of ppl in adjacent circles who are like, "voting in general is for chumps," but 1) you are not tall enough for this ride, and 2) it takes like 5 minutes i waste more time every day on phone games

Show thread If you give speeches that you're proud of, that you want people to think about & pass along so they can keep influencing people, you should get transcripts up ASAP.

Re-publicizing this post because friends are giving talks soon that I want to read!

Good morning! ☀️ Be the Klingon you want to see in the world. 🖖

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Magical Girl Party!

ZOMG! The Fediverse. It's like the Metaverse, only with less Metaverse and more queerness.