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Another reason consumer goods need to be labled for contents: people are making facemasks out of vacuum cleaner bags with HEPA filter fabric. In Europe, the ones with biocides in the fabric are labled. In the US they are not.

I’m helping @WisConSF3 implement a virtual convention in May. Please, if you’re willing, share the ouches you’re experiencing as you’re working, learning, and living on video.

Valley Medical Foundation (San Jose, CA) instructions on sewing surgical masks.

clippy in windows subsystem for linux

Is this shitposting correctly?

A cartoon furry just popped up in my Trello board to warn me about an outage.

The BBC is now running this as a public information film between some of its programmes.

morning, this wee guy was born last night and he is extremely confident

Hello, random man who I have never seen before and only has 2 followers. You can speak to me in public and not in my DMs like a creep. This isn't Tinder bro


“Canadians are being reminded that 2m separation is about the length of a hockey stick plus the arm stretching it out. Avoid being hooked by COVID-19.” – Context is watching YouTube video of last seasons hockey fights

Laura Flanders: The American Dream is a project of individuals will kill all of us collectively.

Tom Nook says he expects you all to be back to work by Easter, and what's a few deaths compared to his stash of bells?

Out of Context Quote of the Day:

“I’m having a lot of trouble with Work/Nook balance right now.” – Context is looking for Bells instead of TP

Issuing emergency order to trans femmes to stop shitposting and switch to emergency production of tungsten impactors and delivery systems.

The in-person WisCon 44 is not happening this year.

There will be an online event.

If you want to join in on an online version of the Safer Space for Trans/Genderqueer/Gender Non-Conforming people, contact me.

“I’m (not a wage) Slave 4 U”

“Hit Me Baby One More Time (and I’ll bring you up before the worker’s committee)”

“Ooops, I Seized the Means of Production Again”

On Covid-19 and rushing therapeutics to the clinic 

In a few years we’ll find the corpse of some fool in a bunker with all the guns, ammo, and TP, but who forgot to buy food.

Is spam the ID of our culture? I ask because the stuff in my spam filter is pivoting from erection pills and open-carry permits, to filter mask scams and open-carry permits.

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