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I’m going to put on Glorious Din’s Leading Stolen Horses, and queue up some other punk. Don’t let people tell you not to be angry. Confusion to our enemies.

And for gods’ sake, stop talking about people voting for the Tories, the GOP, the BJP, or other conservatives out of fear. They vote for bullies because they are bullies. They don’t care how much harm they cause as long as they know someone who doesn’t look like them is harmed.

Given the average cis-white American is even stupider than a cis-white Brit, this is not good.

Gwyneth Jones had this series of books set in a Britain where Wales and Scotland had left, and the residual was a racist state run by, well, people like Boris Johnson, backed in power by people like Rupert Murdoch.

The good news in those books is a witch did something to vanish all the oil in the ground before the billionaires could pump, sell, and burn it (which would had killed everyone.) But the hard stop killed a lot of people.

The CEO of Twitter posted a thread this morning where he only cites the work of men, ignores the the work of other groups, and proclaims he will fix everything, all while the wreck of masculinity burns in the background.

To no-one’s surprise, Keybase will stop distributing the Lumen cryptocurrency to their users because of all the fake, spam, and fradulent accounts registering for them.

If your how-to or documentation is in the form of a video, it isn’t real. It does not exist. You have thrown unflavored popcorn into the wind. You have made nothing.

Someone please write a twitter bot, which instead of “unrolling” threads, compiles them into markdown, converts it to a data URL and DMs the link to the poster, with an admonishment to blog it.

Facebook has focused engineering efforts on ad-blocker countermeasures.

Meanwhile, Facebook does nothing about ads that cause harm, such as spreading misinformation about PrEP.

Note to the person who came up with the euphemism “digital ad transparency platform,” you now have infinite negative points.

Note to the person who came up with the euphemism “digital ad transparency platform,” you now have infinite negative points.

I’m turning to Punk to get through this horrible time in our history, and this new track from Algiers is what I needed today.

Rather than continuing to procrastinate on this conference talk proposal, I put a bunch of covers of This Must be the Place on a playlist.

Car Seat Headrest + Naked Giants’ version of This Must be the Place (Naive Melody) is another wonderful cover.

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