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Hi, new people, I'm Emma. I'm a queer, trans non-binary woman (she/they,) amateur astronomer, and wife of @cynthia1960.

I get paid to help people make web browsers, and have cats, a lot of tiny computers, and I like cooking, hockey, indie pop, shoegaze, and post punk.

I'm helping make the all-online version of happen this year too.

The photo is Json, the youngest of our cats. They are extra, but I love them.

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The LED matrix display and driver in the new Adafruit ADABOX doesn't disappoint.

I do not know with what technology Web 3.0 will be built, but Web 4.0 will be built with sticks and stones.

Once again my palms bleed as I clench my fists so I don't engage with React-bros trying to convince people that their full-employment scheme for failsons is good for the web.

And here's Hosono and crew doing a skabilly version of Absolute Ego Dance with special appearance by Takahashi on the drums.

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You may have asked yourself, "why hasn't there been a marching band version of YMO's Rydeen?"

There is one.

The document leak I really want to see is the logs of whatever IRC backchannel the world's intelligence services have been using to coordinate their timesharing on Trump's phone, those people must be having a blast.

food, cooking 

I'm keeping some packs of shelf-stable cooked rice I got at H-Mart on hand.

One package, one egg, one chopped scallion, and a little soy sauce makes a nice, quick fried rice for lunch.


So what the hell did Trump say that took out Twitter?

Is it a production problem, white supremacists running amok, the second coming? Or just 2020.

Haven't we all, at one point or another, wanted to be making out with Bowie and Eno by the Berlin Wall, while East German soldiers fired a salute over our heads?

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