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Did I mention I build and fly rockets? This is Super Bonbon, my L1 high power rocketry cert flight, launching in the Mojave Desert in the summer of 2021.

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, you say?

Hi. I'm Emma, a nonbinary trans woman who builds rockets, cooks, looks after cats, and builds developer tools and infrastructure.

I have a blog at

I live in Oakland and pay Shuumi to the Ohlone people whose land this is --

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NY Times: "Foundation is dead."

A Sephora on Terminus: "Hari Seldon instructed us to lay in a stock of Fenty."

stupid techbro endorsed memes 

Coffee Mug with Thanos' snap on one side, and the "Effective Altruism" log on the other.

animal welfare 

@cynthia1960 there's a shortage of veterinarians and vet techs because everyone got pets during the plague.

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animal welfare 

@cynthia1960 took her in to the urgent/emergency because our regular vet suspected a bladder infection but couldn't get her in today (and it was something that needed checking out right away.)

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animal welfare 

Good news. She's okay (the trip to the vet got her so spooked she was having trouble breathing so they gave her a sedative.)

But she's coming home and will get lots of snugs and petting.

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animal welfare 

One of my cats, Lizzie Bennett Tribble, is at the emergency vet.

Please send good vibes her way and hug your kitties, buns, ratties, puppers, and so on.

Corollary to Zawinski's Law:

_Every organization will grow to the point that its primary activity is sending email._

RT from GNOME (@gnome)

Today #GNOME turns 25! We're so excited to share this milestone with all of you, thank you to our wonderful community of contributors and supporters for helping us get here!

Take a look at our anniversary website for some photos, history, and fun facts!

Original tweet :

computer generated image 

I was iterating on the prompt "/imagine a woman in a teal salwar kameez" on Midjourney and landed on this.

It's not appropriate for me to wear one, but I think they are fabulous.

If someone has a blatantly wrong idea about something, you can try to correct them in a few sentences and be dismissed as a mere snarker, or you can write an essay detailing all the complexities concerning the subject and get told “lol why are you so obsessed with this you weirdo”.

My friend Guillaume just released a pack of 20 fantastic fonts that you can buy for only $5 (or more).
And all the proceeds go to a great scholarship helping women of color in the type design field.


Grilled veggies from the farmers market tonight.

Buying small, adhesive acrylic rhinestones for a rocket project, as one does.

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Magical Girl Party!

ZOMG! The Fediverse. It's like the Metaverse, only with less Metaverse and more queerness.