Memo to self: Go visit your parents’ grave, it’s been like a month since the last time. The emotions you feel contemplating this mean there is still clearly stuff left to process.

Yeah, I could talk to them wherever and i doubt it would make any difference. Going to the grave is a ritual that opens up some stuff inside, though, and helps give me permission to really have emotions for once.

@anthracite *witness pebble*

(Which is a ritual I'd witnessed at the Jewish Cemetery in Prague - instead of notes, so no paper litter.)

Strength to you in your journey of processing.


I usually sit and talk for a while and leave flowers, myself.

And thanks!


@anthracite @OldBrushNewPaper my mother and father's graves are a thousand miles off in Texas, so I do the time honored tradition of casting my eyes skyward, grimacing and thinking "MOM, what now?"

I guess I can go to the crypt in Hayward and see if @cynthia1960's mom will relay a message.

@emma @OldBrushNewPaper

I have this one stuffed elephant who belonged to my mom. I am pretty sure he is capable of conveying messages to her if need be. :)

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