A few weeks ago I posted here that the #decentralized blogging platform @PlumeDev had some of its right-to-left (RTL) rendering issues fixed by @ahangarha. I myself had also fixed many little CSS issues related to #RTL for @Mastodon in the past.

Well, expect such kinds of things to happen less often in the future, since #GitHub has mass-blocked many accounts of Iranians* at various levels; This applies not only to Iranian residents, but also sometimes to Iranians living abroad.

* And not only for #Iran, but also for #Cuba, #Syria, #NorthKorea, and #Crimea.

#Mastodon #Mastodev #Plume
#SanctionsAgainstIran #Microsoft




Agreed, the application of these software export regulations is ridiculous. (Well, the past 70 years of US policy on Iran is criminal.)

PayPal suspended BPAL for a fragrance name containing "Persian". They were reinstated.

I had a payment declined for a letterpress edition of a poem by Abu Amir al-Fadl (who has been dead for centuries!) because of the poet's name.

@emma @masoud oh wow. I've already applied the word "ridiculous" so many times, we should probably invent a stronger edition

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