Reminder that Feds, fascists, and cops plant piles of bricks around protests to bait people into throwing them so the cops can riot.

If you see construction materials left out, document it, call the city, and have someone confirm it's been removed.


Before you come at me claiming I'm trying to shame Black Bloc protesters, I'm not interested in playing 10-dimensional political chess with someone trying to be 133t-level at antifa.

I've read US history, law enforcement plays by street fight rules (there are no rules,) and if I see an exploit, I call it.

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@emma Any stencils or stickers that people can use to mark these piles with warnings?

@emma were the bricks in a construction site

@emma I saw the video of cops unloading bricks in boston. Reprehensible

@emma hey this is fake and was started by the fash to frame protesters

@InvaderXan @emma okay i went and did some research and hopefully this is substantial enough statement that you take it seriously.
Here is one debunking of a case unrelated to this specific video:
In the video shown in OP, we are not shown nor are we told if there is any construction or brickwork either on those sidewalks or around the intersection.
Not to mention the 🐦 account sharing that video has plenty of comments showing who is being actively blamed for the bricks.

@InvaderXan @emma next, I have some questions here, since when someone makes a statement, it is actually their job to substantiate the statement. Seeing as OP did not have a reference link, I will ask here:
Why, if cops have no issue abusing unarmed people and still have them villainized, would they bother to provide weapons?
Why, if this is a cop move, did the person in the video NOT say it was cops? Who would they be afraid to openly accuse?

@InvaderXan @emma basically, people are nervous. They see an conspicuous pile of bricks, they get nervous.
Also, /no one on the street/ would take this bait! It's way way too obvious even for our cops!
I would be more worried about spreading misinformation without knowing where it comes from, than potentially warning someone somewhere not to pick up an obvious brick to throw at a cop.

@WeWereSeeds @emma still not sure how telling people to leave random bricks alone is supposed to “frame protestors” but ok

@InvaderXan @emma because the idea is to imply that "antifa put it there", you can see it in the comments of the video you shared. Or it may be their attempt at reverse psychology. It's not a sensible move! It doesn't have to mesh with how people treat bricks around cops these days.
Think about their other project this month, pridefall, and how there are a lotta memes about gays and bricks.
Their goal is to drown out the real info, and mislead anyone they can, as usual.

@InvaderXan @emma again, my questions still stand, why would /cops/ put them there to frame protesters when they have no problem beating and jailing us for wearing the same color.
And what do we gain by spreading this? We tell people on the internet not to touch bricks at a protest? Have they been violent so far?
What do we lose? This is yet more noise being spread in hashtags and on people's feeds that only escalate fear.
That itself is enough to hold off on spreading this at the very least.

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