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boosting thread about #wiscon #c44 #wiscon44 #WisCONline

Ever wanted to attend a feminist science fiction convention, for free, from your own home? Next weekend, you can! But you need to register by May 20.

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boosting Free Law Project


We are urgently looking for a technical summer intern to work on our massive collection of judicial financial disclosure reports. Please help spread the word! All the details here: Questions:

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This crisis lays bare how much our economy depends on unpaid and underpaid labor. There's simply no functioning market without a foundation made up of things that markets can't provide on their own: healthcare, childcare, elder care, and all types of domestic labor.

boost from birdsite, WisCon 

#WisCONline #wiscon44 #wiscon #wc44 boosting

Register by tomorrow (May 20th) for @`wisconsf3 so you can watch our auction Saturday night! List of auction items, and a trailer, at

boost from birdsite, WisCon 

boosting @`WisConSF3

Today is the LAST DAY to register for this year's virtual #WisCONline convention! Sales will close at 7PM Central Time (GMT-5); be sure to get in before then!

A reminder that if you registered for the original *in-person* #WisCon44 convention before it was cancelled, your membership was rolled over to NEXT year's con (#WisCon45 in 2021). Double-check that you re-registered for #WisCONline!

boost from birdsite, WisCon 

boosting @`wisconSF3

Registration for #WisCon44 is open through Wednesday May 20. The default cost is $10, but you can also register for $0, $25, or $55.

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boosting Nicole Harris

Python people!

The pip team needs your help!

Do you have complex project dependencies?
We want you to try to break pip's new dependency resolver...

Details here:

Please RT!

cc @`bernardtyers

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Goal for 2020: figure out how to deliver instructor training effectively online when learners have unreliable internet connections. Zoom + Google Docs is great when connections are stable but unfair when they're not.

boost from birdsite, remote conventions 


Andy Wingo
in-person confs are third places where you can think different things, you have no domestic responsibilities or interruptions, and you can catch up w colleagues & friends over backchannel beverages. single-threaded video calls have none of that 🤷

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boosting Katie Cue @`ktquiet

Hey @`zoom_us
- any plans to offer support for your numerous ASL users on the platform? A way to “pin” the interpreters separately from the rest of the content would be awesome

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boosting Nisi Shawl @`NisiShawl

Contract signed, so I'm going ahead to tell you I'm a co-editor of the Library of America's first Octavia Butler volume. @`gerrycanavan
is my co-editor. My contribution's basically writing an intro. Coming out Spring 2021!

boost from birdsite, Python 

boosting Mariatta 🤦 @`mariatta

Lightning Talks
- What do you need from pip, PyPI, and packaging? by Sumana Harihareswara
- A Retrospective on My "Multi-Core Python" Project by Eric Snow


boost from birdsite, hiring 


is hiring for a *ton* of positions, some tech-specific, others not. Building power for Black people and winning real change. Pass it on.

And if we know each other and you apply, lmk.

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boosting @`aishaismad
Drones being used on you. Riot gear first exported to authoritarian states being used on you. This is why you need to care about foreign policy. Those of us in the developing world--we are laboratory rats. It starts with us. It finds its way to you.

boost from birdsite, free pair programming offer 


Dustin Ingram
Going to pair with @`EWDurbin
this Friday again, but starting next week anyone is welcome to grab some time at

Details below

boost from birdsite, GitHub UI 

boosting Yeray Diaz
Does anyone else feel bad when selecting "Request changes" in GitHub reviews?

In my mind it's more of a suggestion...

boost from birdsite, time humor 

Dustin Ingram
hey @pganssle now that you're "python time czar" or whatever, we should probably start a discussion about adding a few more hours to each day

feeling like this whole "days only have 24 hours" thing is definitely a bug

boost from birdsite, teleconferences 

boosting Evan Prodromou
Our remote @`W3C
advisory committee meeting this week has been revolutionary in format. All the presentations were pre-recorded and available to watch at leisure (synchronized speaker, slides and transcripts) a week ago. The conference was 2 days of synchronous Q&A and discussion.

boost from birdsite, programming humor 

boosting amy nguyen
[looking at a test failure]
brain: what is reality? what if logic cannot be trusted? what if I must accept the futility of the premise of software being something that can be reasoned about, what if some mysteries can never be solved... oh haha I made a typo test is passing now

boost from birdsite, stenography 

boosting Intersteno
We are happy to announce the launch of our new free online Intersteno journal: Tiro - The Journal of Professional Reporting and Transcription! Welcome to read and comment on our first issue at

boost from birdsite, cybersecurity 

Great idea. Filed an issue for PyPI:

Boosting Runa Sandvik
This is a great feature and I wish other services would add it.

who boosted Nathaniel Gleicher
8/ To confirm whether an email claiming to be from Facebook is authentic, review recent emails we've sent in your Security and Login Settings: [brainwane did not click through to figure out what this URL is]

boost from birdsite, uspol 

boosting John Dziurlaj
We’ve all heard about flattening the curve of COVID-19. This concept is also applicable to the election in November. In order for election officials to process an unprecedented amount of absentee requests, they need to come in little by little over time, not all at once....

boost from birdsite, uspol 

... Civic groups can do their part by encouraging voters to request absentee ballots now, instead of waiting closer to the election. Getting your request in early also aids in the production and mailing of ballots, which can be more effectively managed by mail vendors. #BeReady2020

boost from birdsite, FLOSS infrastructure 

boosting Frederike Kaltheuner
Now this is an exciting new possibility: a German town is running their own @`jitsinews
server so that schools and local choir groups don’t have to rely on @`Skype
and @`zoom_us

Video conferencing as public infrastructure

Cc @`thenewpossible

boost from birdsite, COVID-19, poop 

boosting @`JeremyKonyndyk thread at
Alright. There is a LOT of chatter on this website bashing those who are saying most of the country still isn't ready for a safe reopening.

So, as we approach what would normally be summer pool season, here's a short analogy about pooping and accountability.

boost from birdsite, empowering users 

boosting @`DavidSpinks [conversation ensues at ]
What value can you offer to power-users / ambassadors?

Love the SNAP framework from @`hollygfirestone :

Status - badges, titles, reputation
Networking - connections with curated peers
Access - to product managers, execs, beta testing
Perks - trainings, tickets to events, swag

boost from birdsite, guns in US 

boosting thread by John Kaminar
THREAD. Folks, bear with me for a minute, please. I want to address a point that is often made by gun rights advocates, but which is a fallacy that civilians may not realize. In the interest of full disclosure, I served 30 years in the Army and Army Reserve, I’ve taught

boost from birdsite, USpol 

boosting Nicole Sanchez
A thought for this Monday, for ppl with white collar jobs and are still employed... That feeling that you have, “How can I just act like everything is normal?” Pay attention to it. It is your conscience talking to you

boost from birdsite, US and COVID-19 

boosting @`scottros
Debating "reopening" in tech is less a straight red/blue, D/R sort of thing than a technocrats vs. libertarians schism. My latest for @`axios

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boosting thread that ends with

An educated workforce is necessary for economic prosperity, but educated or not, a workforce carrying punishing debt from doing exactly what we told them to do cannot drive a prosperous economy.

boost from birdsite, accessibility, offer 

Academic Audio Transcription
Are you an anti-racist organisation mobilising urgently against racism in its various forms and who is creating video or audio content with no budget for transcription or closed captioning?

We will do this for you for free until further notice.

boost from birdsite, request for advice 

boosting request for advice from Greg Wilson (not me) from

"Greg Wilson
What's the best book on Linux systems administration for people with data science backgrounds? Nemeth et al (
) is too much, Ray & Ray ( is more user-oriented than admin-oriented. Pointers?"

boost from birdsite, slightly obsolete USpol 

boosting thread

Okay, look, I know I've ranted about Michael Bloomberg a few times because he’s an out of touch billionaire idiot.

And he absolutely is, don’t get me wrong.

But I wanted to take a moment to explain why I think that’s a very bad thing for you and me and everyone you know.

boost from birdsite, danger of solar storms 

boosting thread

Normally when it comes to cosmic dangers to Earth, I’m in the role of debunking people who overstate the danger.

Now I find myself trying to convince people that some dangers are real, and we need to take them very seriously.

Like, say, solar storms.

boost from birdsite, marshmallow experiment and precarity 

boosting thread

This principle also applies to things like budgeting: a lot of people assume that poor people just need to be taught how to budget/save money, and nope. Folks who've lived lives where their liquid assets are insecure often make the smart decision not to amass liquid assets.

boost from birdsite, marshmallow experiment and precarity, child abuse 


Also whenever I hear about the marshmallow study I think about a friend I had growing up whose mom was constantly lying to her face. "you can have a brownie if you clean the kitchen," so she'd clean it and her mom would say "no, I'm angry at you, you don't deserve a brownie."

boost from birdsite, AIDS activists, pandemic 

boosting thread

I have been thinking, even more often than I usually do, about the folks on the front lines of the AIDS epidemic. The doctors and nurses and researchers who brought epidemiology (and the CDC) into a new era. The public health officials who did (and didn’t) push science over fear.

boost from birdsite, AIDS activists, pandemic 

If you are self-quarantined with roommates or a “cousin but not really a cousin” or someone from your family’s hometown - or your partner or boyfriend or anyone you are not (or could not in the 1980s be) legally married to - you are continuing this reinvention of family....

boost from birdsite, copyright abolition 

I'm reflecting on this. Thread from birdsite is

Throw out copyright as a concept and the big money fight goes from who controls the content to who controls the platforms.

Can't really see that being the downfall of something like the House of Mouse, personally. Money still wins, and they still have the infrastructure.


boost from birdsite, copyright abolition 


Yeah, this is, as the line goes, about who controls the infrastructure.

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