I want a “This is not a place of honor” sign in the style of a “Live, laugh, love, wine” sign

@emma @RobinHood

Both are now on my phone’s camera roll. Which means I’ll forget about it completely and then rediscover it in a year or so.

@emma @RobinHood pretty good but what if i had the words carved out of wood to hang on my living room wall?

@emma @RobinHood

I mean, after a few centuries, vitrified fission product waste is no more radioactive than ordinary building materials such as clay bricks or granite countertops.


@emma @RobinHood

Hey I just wanted you to know I loved this enough that I engraved it, it’s going on my wall, I love it so much.

@emma @RobinHood I need this as a cross-stitch sampler that is part of a system of cross-stitches now. I'd pay attention to it.

@emma @RobinHood Can I buy this from you in the form of a poster, or may I have one printed for me? (For personal use)

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