Because I'm interested in helping people get onto platforms they control and not be at the mercy of Facebook, I wanted to understand what the pain points are for marginalized groups taking up Mastodon/ActivityPub.

From my reading thus far, the big blocker is that federation is opt-out, not opt-in and that the Mastodon Maintainers do not want to accept a patch to make it opt-in.

What are the other blockers? Who is writing about them?

Thanks. Boosts are welcome as are replies in private.



I mean you don't have the option to approve or deny federation at the instance's administration level before it happens.

You can add an instance to a list of blocks, but if they federated with you before you added them to the blocklist, then they have access to your instance's public posts up to when you blocked them.

If you want to control how you federate, it's better to have the option of "ask first" rather than "try to preemptive block" or "block after the fact."


It's something one would want if one didn't want hostile, bad faith actors, and just plain energy and time wasting trolls hassling your community.

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