250 of us have been laid off from Mozilla this morning.

If you have openings or can offer assistance, please use the tag!

@emma I work at Datad*g doing open source stuff, there are a lot of open engineering positions and it is remote-friendly, feel free to ask if you are interested :>


Dickheads. Anyway, I can share UK jobs if anyone wants to climb aboard a sinking ship. #MozillaLifeboat

There's 310 possible gigs here - tell me if there's anything specific you're thinking of.

@emma A friend who worked there sent me a message, saying it would be in the news, and all that... but yeah.

Of course, as she's in Europe, it was this ... noon.

Anyway, this has... many many issues and I don't know how to tackle them.

@emma My condolences.

People who want a week or 6 weeks to focus on programming for fun, then get help with getting the next job: the Recurse Center is remote right now. #MozillaLifeboat

@brainwane @emma That is a very interesting idea... but what?!? If I could make anything, what would I make? That's a real thinker...

@ianbicking I think RC is a great opportunity to get into whatever domain or layer of software or hardware may have seemed magical, scary, or impractical-yet-delightful to you @emma

@emma I'm so angry about this. Good luck wherever you may go :(


Thank you. I'm trying not to be angry, but proud of the work I did at Mozilla, and will miss the amazing people and the mission.

@emma shame how IT is the 1st to go...until the mainframe crashes. 09 crisis dvd/hp upgrade. I was there. #lynchburg

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