XSLT was nice for its time, but template languages have grown past XML.

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And I think arbitrary structured text was not as general a use case as we thought it was, once HTML showed up.

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And here's one of my LJ icons from the period, crossing over BtVS and XML.


In 2000, I worked at a startup one of my ex's coworkers was a founder at not because it was early web on mobile as much as I got to be the first XSLT dev on the staff. 🤷


For the 1st San José WorldCon, I built some tooling for the programming team that used XSLT to format current program item suggestions into a single page.


I should write up my adventures in XML sometime.


And you could add an XSLT stylesheet declaration to an XML document and most browsers would apply the transform to the document.

World of Warcraft would publish their docs in XML on the web and use that to format them into HTML.

@emma i used to work on SharePoint. i'm told we got a differential XSLT compiler from DevDiv at some point in the product's history, because SP is an XML party through and through, and it was not rare to have frequently modified style sheets used to render UI in the _megabyte_ range 🙃

@emma ugh probably "incremental" is what i meant, not "differential", but anyway we had colossal stylesheets that made like an entire Enterprise Portal Page at a go

i suspect supporting horrible decisions like this is how Intel managed to market SSE4.2 STTNI string instructions as XML Hardware Acceleration


Please tell me that at least the giant sheets were broken down into modules.

@emma i think so, yes, but some of those modules were also very large, like, "VS has trouble editing them" large 😒

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