When booting my Raspberry Pi 400, I see this warning. None of the USB ports work once the computer boots.

Have you seen this? I assume it’s a hardware issue because it happens with both RPi OS and Ubuntu.

Thanks for the replies. Looks like I have a bad board and working with the vendor on a replacement.

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@emma That's a bad power supply, I think - do you have an alternative?

@emma if you have a voltmeter to hand, double check the claims on the label. A distressing fraction of USB power supplies are straight up lying about their output.


I tried a couple of other USB supplies and got the same error. There's something wrong with the board most likely. Talking with the vendor.


Checked with several power supplies. Unfortunately, I think it's board.


It's a Pi 4 in a keyboard, like a C64. Just plug into a monitor.

@emma Huh, that's pretty. if a pi 4 fits in it, that will be nice once they finish the damn video driver. :)

@emma the usb controller has detected that there is a too high voltage on the ports. As there is nothing connected it could mean that there is a production fault causing a short circuit somewhere. I guess you need to return it and get a replacement unit

@emma Take every USB peripheral out and try to boot again.

If the error goes away, then your peripherals are drawing too much current for the board.


This is happening with all the USB ports unoccupied. It's a board fault.

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