Okay, I've completed the migration of my blog to Gemini! I'll probably post more frequently now, since there's nothing between me, the text, and the output mode, just that same text, which is very liberating!


#Gemini #tilde #gemini #a11y #accessibility #blind #gemlog #Gemlog #blogging

@devinprater what kind of links are these? I cannot open these on either iOS or Mac.

@marcozehe @devinprater

As for what Gemini is, it’s elevator pitch is a secure, text-oriented hypertext system sitting between Gopher and the WWW in complexity.


@emma I tried to bring this up from Amphora, but am getting some X509 certificate error.

@emma @marcozehe One good one for PC is GemiNaut, it's pretty accessible, and shows things in an actual browser page that screen readers can browse.


@devinprater @emma Thanks! I am currently on the Mac, and the Guy client that is pre-built isn’t accessible, it’s called Lagrange. The other one, Kristall, I would need to build from scratch, it uses QT, so *might* be accessible. I just tried Amfora, but I dunno… Terminal browsers have never been my cup of tea really, not even in the Lynx days. Too much fragmentation on the screen. Like when pressing tab, the link is not in its context, but focus is at the bottom.

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