[fr] Mastodon, j’ai besoin de ton aide.
Si vous deviez me recommander une ou deux bibliothèques à visiter, n’importe où dans le monde, que ce soit pour leurs fonds, leur architecture, leur histoire, etc., lesquelles vous choisiriez ?
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[en] Mastodon, I need your help.
If you had to recommend me one or two libraries to visit, anywhere in the world, for whatever reason (their collections, their architecture, their history, etc.), which one would you choose?
Boost appreciated!



I want to visit the al-Qarawiyyin library in Fez, Morocco. It's been operating since the 9th century in the current era.

One I've been to is Trinity College Dublin's library, which is the western idea of "Library."

@emma Yeah, apparently it’s the oldest library operating in the entire world :D.

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