Sto'Vo'Kor, ext. eternal night

Galron: "A new soul of a departed warrior joins us!"

Death Star Officer: "Um, yeah, I guess."

Galron: "Tell us, warrior, how did you meet your end?"

Death Star Officer: "Uh, well, I was on a Battle Station."

Galron: "A Battle Station! Did you take your nemesis with you?"

Death Star Officer: "Um, you see we outgunned the Rebels."

Galron: "Rebels? A bastard pretender to the throne?"


Death Star Officer: "No, these were people angry about the tyranny, the extra-judicial murders, and blowing up peaceful planets of civilians."

Galron: ...

Death Star Officer: "And I guess one of the Rebels got a lucky shot, or got the plans and found some of the places we cut corners."

Galron: ...

Death Star Officer: "And I was in the canteen. Fried porg."

Galron: ...

Rebel Y-Wing Pilot: "You with the funny forehead, would you hold that guy down while I kick him in the junk for eternity?"

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