What common veterinary medicine will anti-vaxers take instead of a flu shot this season?


Ketamine might actually do them some good…

Not against COVID, but considering most Q-balls are dealing with some mental illness it might reset their brains.

@emma what are the odds we can make it something nonsensical, nonexistent and embarrassing? I want to see people asking their pharmacist for chicken degausser. I want to speak to your supervisor, I was told specifically that I could buy dekarinys without a prescription.


"I'm not getting a flu shot until I do more research. a friend's cousin in Bastrop got one, his mullet transitioned from laminar to turbulent flow, and he became a Senators fan."


That should probably be Titans fan instead of Senators, but, you know, mullets.

@emma I don't even know what's in that vaccine but I heard it turned my cousin's buddy's friend from Bastrop into a Senators fan.

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