Apple's Notes app is weird.

I can paste a url as text, or 'attach' it using a sharing menu.

If you attach it, it comes with a little preview using whatever social graph it finds in the document head.

I just learned, while trying to share a new URL to my weeknotes 'file' that there is a limited number of attachments to a note.

I got an "maximum number of attachments exceeded" message.

My work computer is a Mac, so I use Notes (which has a web app!) to keep a commonplace book/links file.)

The URL previews are a useful memory jog when reviewing.

I should probably have another look at Standard Notes again, but it was a bit glitchy the last time I messed with it.

Also, Apple's Notes doesn't understand Markdown, and Bear Notes has been promising a web app for at least a couple of years now.

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