This response to Anne Applebaum's public tantrum about people being held accountable starts with a review of the "litigation panic" of the 1990's which resulted in you losing your right to sue corporations.

Both the "speech panic" and the "litigation panic" are powerful interests' backlash against being held accountable for their actions.

Also, back when I was doing analysis of "wrappers" for federal district court cases in the early 1990s, most litigation involving corporations was between non-banking sector firms and banking sector firms.


In most litigation between individuals and corporations at the federal level, the defendant was an individual.

If you want to read more about this, I'd recommend Mark Galanter's work on litigation patterns.

That analysis to support Galanter and Roger's work is how I learned Perl and ended up working on the web.

Anyway, if you see anyone from AEI or Cato at an academic event, look out, they are trying to steal your money, rights, or both.

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