It's 6:45am in Germany and I'm on my way home, and operation No Jetlag begins! I Land in Portland at about 7pm, so I just need to stay awake for about 24-25 hours now.
Gonna just keep posting travel updates in this thread why not
Airport security line was ridiculously long and there was no priority lane. Made it through after about 30 minutes. No line for the foreign passport check so that was a breeze. Now at the Open Sky lounge to get some coffee
Oh they have sparkling wine in the lounge, it's never too early for a mimosa!
Made it to London. Closed my eyes for about 5 minutes during takeoff and landing, can't say I was totally asleep tho. Now to go find the airport lounge since I have about 2 hours at LHR
Apparently my 75K Alaska status converts to OneWorld Emerald so I get access to the fancy British Airways lounge! Not going to argue with that!

Nothing here is self service, you have to order on your phone using the QR code on the table, and you have to give it a code word that's shown on signs around the lounge, which is a clever solution to avoid people ordering random things to be sent to random tables after they leave.
I'm at the gate at LHR now and the automated PA announcement just said "for security reasons, unattended luggage will be removed and destroyed."

And then repeated the announcement in German, and then I learned a cool new word, "vernichtet"
Just boarded the plane from London to Seattle. It's also late enough in Seattle that I am now switching my clocks to Pacific time, so now it's 6:15am. That means I'm pretending I just woke up and am going to try to have a normal day starting now. #OperationNoJetlag
Apparently Apple doesn't understand timezone changes very well.
aaaand boarding is complete and it looks like I have the row to myself!


Always a win on intercontinental flights.

And partial compensation for having to deal with LHR.

@emma For sure! I lucked out and had the whole row both directions!
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