On the current OSS controversy.

1. Stop assuming infrastructure code is produced by library elves for free and pay people to build and maintain it.

2. Hold jerks accountable for their behavior

@emma @meena "library elves" is excellent - and framework gnomes maybe and tooling fairies..

@sushee @meena

This is Sazrina the Perl Genie.

I commissioned them early in my programming career when people would appear at my desk asking for things which would require a team of developers and a spec, but they thought would just take a few minutes.

"Unless you have a budget for that, please ask her to grant a wish."

@emma @meena OMG A PERL GENIE THIS IS PERFECT WHY DIDN'T WE HAVE PERL GENIE MEMES INSTEAD OF THE SILLY MONK STUFF :) going to find a sparkling rainbow engineering unicorn mare for my desk (alternative a fairy or or maybe a tinkerbell :))

@sushee @meena

The wild thing about making wishes with a Perl jinn is that most of them are granted as static HTML files or a Buzzfeed Quiz.

Perl jinn are capricious.

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