"Some people want to buy and sell Bitcoin so we're offering services to do it." makes as much sense as "some people voted for Trump so we should treat their opinions as legitimate."

That was the response of the CEO of my credit union when I asked why are you allowing our membership to engage in financial fraud?


Or vote out out the board and replace them with sensible people.


The ultimate solution to those endorsing and pushing crypto is a baseball bat.


Friends are working on getting public banking in California, and hopefully those can be set up with charters which explicitly ban crypto.

@emma @crashglasshouses this is gross, any financial institution even thinking about crypto should be a sign that they've failed in their fiduciary role.

Also, is the NCUA prepared four when they have to cover accounts at CUs that fail because they wanted to "be competitive" (a concept that should be antithetical to the idea of a CU)

@last_red_stand @crashglasshouses

They are using "not insured" as a fig leaf.

But again, the median suburban white person is a idiot and this caters to them.

NCUA covers same amount as FDIC does for banks. But how would they "fail" in this scenario?


White people are idiotic garbage who will murder billions for a burnt steak and a blowjob.

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