I have my turntable set up at last.

The album is Japanese Girl, Akiko Yano’s 1976 debut. The album features both Haruomi Hasono and Lowell George in her backing band.

It is so good.

We Want Sounds, a European label specializing in reissues of 1970’s and 80’s albums from Japan and elsewhere just released it.

While safety lights may be for “dudes,” hazard tape is for everyone.

This is what whiteness looks like.

A group of white woman considering themselves entitled to public space which BIPOC and Queer people would be criminalized for existing in.

I now have a smol MakCass to go with my 90mm and 180mm telescopes.

Lizzie, learning her music history, watches YMO’s classic 1979 performance in LA at the Greek.

Do you have a concert you wish you could go back in time and attend?

Riuchi Sakamotto, with Bernard Fowler fronting his band in Tokyo somewhere in the 1980’s is one of mine.

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