Took the ferry back last night after visiting friends in the City.

I flew a new high power model rocket this weekend. The video switches to slow motion when the motor starts.


Cheese sauce on root veggie fries (carrot, beet root, turnip) it was good.

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I’m making cheddar/Gruyère sauce with kimchi, because I need it.

I got this Lucy and Yak dungaree dress on a coworker's recommendation and it's now my favorite thing.


I haven’t dinner posted in a while, and I wanted to try making something with broccoli rabe.

This is orichette, white beans, carrots, and broccoli rabe.

I cooked the beans and carrots in olive oil, chili flakes, anchovy fillets, and garlic, then simmered them in a half cup of water.

I added the broccoli rabe to the pasta halfway through cooking.

Finish with the juice of half a lemon and lots of grated parmesan reggiano.

I can't even escape conspiracy theories in my favorite game.

When I searched my local bookstore for copies of 1619 to put up in our neighborhood bookswap, this showed up (not the bookstore's fault, it's the distributor whose DB they use.)

But remember there's a whole industry of white supremacists trying to deny accountability.

Neko Kanzaki Hitomi wishes you a happy Halloween. 🐈‍⬛🎃🖤

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