You get the feeling that the script behind this is:

var to = document.setTimeout(doTheThing, 5*60*1000);

document.addEventListener(click,(evt) => {
if ( === 'cancel') {

var doTheThing = function() {

Good morning. Here's tonight's Moon through the Sigma 600mm which I have to return later today (Tuesday.)

I don't know if I love it enough to buy one, but it was nice to try it out a few nights.

I think I'm going to get another Mak-Cass with a wider aperture instead.

Did a little post work on Tuesday's moon. There are areas overexposed that I couldn't fix, or need a different technique.

A detail of tonight's moon.

Large crater at center is Mersenius. Liebig to the South and East. You can also see the Rupes Liebig on the floor of the Sea of Moisture to the East.

Reminder that Feds, fascists, and cops plant piles of bricks around protests to bait people into throwing them so the cops can riot.

If you see construction materials left out, document it, call the city, and have someone confirm it's been removed.


Same view, but trying to stack several images and post process. There are some artifacts.

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Venus tonight

1/125 Second at ISO 200 with a SLR (Canon EOS Rebel SL3) at the prime focus of a 90mm, 1250mm MakCass.

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