A cartoon furry just popped up in my Trello board to warn me about an outage.

Machine learning weirdness 

Image description: The ISS passes in front of the waning crescent Moon from upper left to lower right and Mars appears to the upper right of the Moon after being occulted by it.


Image description: Billboard reading “What about the kids in cages? What temperature your steak is served at is not an issue.”

via: bike-mloomberg-billboard.glitc

Tonight I got dönair kebab from a u-bahn station. I’ve achieved my food goals.

After a long walk in the cold and rain, a hot chocolate with cognac is a nice treat.

If you, your relatives, your friends, or ancestors had to wear this get-up: my profound apologies and I pray reparations were made.

Chonky boi of Houthavens again this morning in the hotel lobby as I left for my pre-dawn walk (mind that dawn is late up here so I’m not flexing on virtue.)

More cats of Amsterdam: this chonky boi was resting on Cyn’s mobility scooter this morning. The hotel staff say he lives in one of the boats on the quay but likes the hotel lobby.

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