The Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter will be close together in the Southern sky tonight. This is how it will look at 2000 Pacific (UTF-7.)

The checkout clerk at the market I go to for staples was so happy today. I asked how he was and he said the deli at the market was now able to make soup again.

I asked his favorite, and he answered that any soup there is good, but he’s not a fan of clam chowder.

I’m out running an errand on my bicycle and the air outside isn’t brown.

Someone had shared one of those character creator web sites on the IndieWeb slack, and I think I know what I would had looked like if I had transitioned earlier.

Hitomi, the venerable void, wishes you a joyful National Black Cat day.


To assure you I’m not hostile to eating vegan, here’s the vegan chili verde I made tonight with beans, roasted squash, and roasted yam.

When taking a shorter shutter speed so I don't overexpose the moon, Jupiter's barely visible, and you can't see Saturn.

1/20.0 sec
200 mm
ISO 100

Sony RX100-M7

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Tonight's Grand Conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn.

I had to overexpose the Moon to get enough light from Saturn.

This was taken with a Sony RX100-M7

1/2 sec
200 mm
ISO 100

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