cops, nazi space boer 

All cops are violent little Nazis so any department would be a match.

My between panels project while I attended the online part of WisCon over the weekend.

Drove through Kerman on the way to a launch this past weekend. Got the keycap in today’s mail. Stars are aligned.

Graph from the onboard flight computer (Altus Metrum Easy Mini)

Max Height: 888 m (msl)
Max Speed: 148 m/s (Mach 0.4)
Max Acceleration: 9.5 G
Avg Acceleration: 1.6 G

2.9 s under acceleration
9.1 s coast to apogee

Note: the main deployed at 152 m, not 250 as its deployment was controlled by the JollyLogic Chute Release, not the altimeter.

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One of the rockets I’m flying this weekend, cat included for scale.

Rian was wound up tighter than the carbon fiber on a helium cryo tank.

Did I mention I build and fly rockets? This is Super Bonbon, my L1 high power rocketry cert flight, launching in the Mojave Desert in the summer of 2021.

Yes, SLS is going to be amazing when it launches, but the spacecraft I'm really excited about is the Dream Chaser.

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Magical Girl Party!

ZOMG! The Fediverse. It's like the Metaverse, only with less Metaverse and more queerness.