Found a Weber on Craigslist and grilling chicken thighs I marinated in yogurt, mint, ginger, and lime while listening to Mdou Moctar’s new album.


Tonight's dinner was a from-scratch Japanese curry with chicken and shiitake mushroom. It took awhile but was delicious.

This is what makes rocket geeks like me double over laughing.

Daily reminder that the rich are different: they have more money than us.


I had a baguette going stale so tonight was French bread pizza. It’ll be lunch tomorrow as well.


Tonight’s dinner: a grain pilaf, sausages from a local butcher, and beans with wilted spinach.


Tonight’s dinner was a chickpea and potato curry with coconut milk, red onion, shallots, and chilies.

I have my turntable set up at last.

The album is Japanese Girl, Akiko Yano’s 1976 debut. The album features both Haruomi Hasono and Lowell George in her backing band.

It is so good.

We Want Sounds, a European label specializing in reissues of 1970’s and 80’s albums from Japan and elsewhere just released it.

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