I now have a smol MakCass to go with my 90mm and 180mm telescopes.

Lizzie, learning her music history, watches YMO’s classic 1979 performance in LA at the Greek.

Do you have a concert you wish you could go back in time and attend?

Riuchi Sakamotto, with Bernard Fowler fronting his band in Tokyo somewhere in the 1980’s is one of mine.

I’m listening to Bernard Fowler and a bunch of Bowie’s studio and tour compatriots tear the roof off of “Heroes.” How’s your Saturday night?

I'm wondering if I could pull off the Stella Tennant pixie cut.

Eye contact in the picture so I'm CWing it.

Tonight I set up the big MakCas and pointed it at Jupiter and Saturn.

Portrait mode on the phone’s camera does justice to my eldest kitty, Hitomi.

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