Three question retrospectives and surveys: what worked, what could had gone better, what to change are important to hold after conventions.

Charlie Jane Anders: We need to rethink the panel as construct. More community ownership of panels.

Conversations at hybrid conventions now take place in Discord instead of Hellsite, avoiding context collapse explosions.

Encourage members who have the means (oh hai, senior and staff engineers) to buy extra memberships for others to attend when they buy their memberships.

FogCon switched from an in-person event to quarterly online panels and readings. It's less overhead than a full online con and keeps the community involved.

"Pantsfeelings" is such a perfect term for calling out non-consentual sexualization.

Hi, new people, I'm Emma. I'm a queer, trans non-binary woman (she/they,) amateur astronomer, and wife of @cynthia1960.

I get paid to help people make web browsers, and have cats, a lot of tiny computers, and I like cooking, hockey, indie pop, shoegaze, and post punk.

I'm helping make the all-online version of happen this year too.

The photo is Json, the youngest of our cats. They are extra, but I love them.

Magical Girl Party!

ZOMG! The Fediverse. It's like the Metaverse, only with less Metaverse and more queerness.