I haven’t done any sewing in ages, so I went in my scraps and made a cover for my iPad’s keyboard.

My considered take on the concerns raised in Mark Nottingham’s comments on DNS over HTTPS (DOH) is that we should consider parents and schools as part of the threat model since family, school, and church are the main sites of sexual violence against minors, and that the family manifests... emceeaich.micro.blog/2019/06/1

@zkat there's a few fires north and east of the bay area, so that and the high temperatures are making air quality sad.

I misread the brand name of the keyboard as Birria, not Dierya.

Not just the GOAT of keyboard, but the GOAT stew of keyboards.

I have a Bluetooth keyboard on the way for the iPad. Going to see how much of an upcoming week of meetings I can do on this setup.

@anthracite this is the sort of thing that has me considering roll-top backpacks.

It's stressful reading all this thrashing on the pros and cons of regulating big tech when it's clear that big tech ought to be socialized instead.

Essays I’d like to write: how the American Cancer Society exploits respectablity politics in Second Life to get millions in free labor for Relay for Life.

I have Perl running on glitch.com 🎉 with some help from @potch@twitter.com.


@Gargron reports that Gab, the Nazi twitter, is scrapping their own codebase and switching to Mastodon. Get ready to block a whole swarm of instances. mastodon.social/gargron


I'm wondering how fast Steve Dangle can pivot to a Raptors fan cast.

I'd call it "Kadry Can't Jump".

Seen on a warning label:

This AI not to be used for fabricating paper clips.

Context is fighting a Von Neumann catastrophe.

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