I'm glad the Motherboard understands that the joke behind the original name of the Otherwise Award did not age well.


Remember when Woz was exiled to that office in the phantom zone triangle of Stevens Creek, 280, and Lawrence?

Apple still has an office there!


@Phorm a new item has been added to your to do list: subvert mortal ideologies

@mhoye one warning sign are thumbed-through copies of "Hooked" on peoples' desks.

Person talking about asset bubbles and the environment keeping them up at night.

Dear, what if I told you the two are related?

paper mario is fucking terrifying to me. imagine someone tells you that you can turn a new way and suddenly you can perceive an additional dimension of space. all of mario's dialogue should be screaming.

What RMS, Torvalds and the like cost us 

Please take a moment to write MFF an email about banning Milo, it is worth the five minutes


@Phorm @kotep where is the conical one with an ablative heat shield and a parachute package? I want the ISS to go into the gift delivery pivot.

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