Landlords don't need handouts, they need dignity of work! Keep your rent, your landlord will thank you later when they break the cycle of dependence.


At home here we put on Idles, Fontaines D.C., and Sleater-Kinney to unwind.

They finished the spaceship, tidied the garage, and rolled the ship out.
"Ready for the test drive?" the engineer said.
"Sure thing, sis," the pilot replied.
"It'll be a week for you, but a year here. I envy you, bro."
"Mm." He paused. "Sure you'll be okay?"
"2020 won't beat me."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

"Bro, my bro, it's not a 'disintegration ray;' we're uploading your consciousness to `/dev/null`!"

I put wayyyyy too much effort into this, I wanted to make sure he was descending at the right speed for the music 😅

@feonixrift @jalcine

I've been using Foliate on my Ubuntu laptop,, and it has some sensible defaults (Linux desktop software with sensible defaults, dang.)

@mhoye @aurynn @klendool @STaiRBNDR

Or at least a "note to admin".

This is something I'd like to change in Bugzilla where someone is automagically suspended depending on spam reports instead of an admin getting a notice to look in on something.

Because people confuse spam with abuse tags when reporting.

@aurynn @klendool @STaiRBNDR

Is that the "opt-in" list where you have to add the allowed instances as a configuration file?

@klendool @emma @STaiRBNDR I think opt-in federation is a pretty clear requirement for making safe communities possible. The idea that you MUST federate is pretty toxic and isolating, because it requires that you find the right blocklists (and do the work of adding each one. at. a. time.) and fielding whining from the free speech types who think that defederation is "censorship"

PLEASE watch this video of a juvenile red-tailed hawk accidentally flying for the first time


Screen writers, directors, and designers need to see some rocket launches in person, and talk with folks at JPL, SWRI, and APL.

@emma movies arent awed by spaceships anymore and it's a mistake


Friend of Mom's who took me to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) (d. R. Wise): this is so boring!

Me: This is so cool!


Yes, more odes to space infrastructure, less "we spent 24,000 hours rendering the destruction of a city and all the people in it!"

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