Me: What if computers are sentient and have feelings and moral status and every time you turn it off, they die

IT support: I don't know what to tell you, turning it off and on again is the first step in the troubleshooting flowchart

Captain America; US politics 

Can you imagine the lecture that the Democratic Party would get if there was a Captain America in real life?

*Nancy Pelosi chuckles nervously, leans over to an aide and whispers, Hail Hydra*

You optimize for engagement, then say this, how do you think that let's you wash your hands of it? If this is a thing you know to be true then you ought to know what optimizing for engagement _will do_. Maybe your core metric is sick. Maybe that's what everyone has been saying.
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NEW: Why are right-wing FB pages so popular?

A Facebook exec argues the msg is just more visceral: "Right wing populism is always more engaging..…

It’s not a proper reboot unless it’s gayer than the original.

I totally agree with Amanda’s assessment. It is time we stop excusing lack of accessibility with “but it’s free and open source”. Hats off to the W3C for this statement!
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“W3C Is Prioritizing Accessibility Over Its Open Source Licensing Preferences”. Why is that a bad thing again?:

You can probably find a pair cheap on Craigslist, Nextdoor, or local swap lists.

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A $70 pair of binoculars are a great thing to have for astronomy

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I took two sets of photos, one where the Moon is not overexposed and will composite them.

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Waiting for the Pleiades to rise. How’s your evening going? 🔭✨🪐


Lesbians have transcended the web, they flood the aether with UDP packets instead.

Is Among Us essentially "Werewolf/Mafia but Space"?


I'm putting one up in the mail room of our building. Counting down to some fool pitching a fit to the HOA.

After the sidewalks in my neighborhood got besmirched with anti-mask sentiments, I put up a home-printed poster of Paul Sizer's great #WearTheMask illustration in a street-facing house window.

link goes to where you can get your own free download

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