> "most of the people who do enjoy being treated as wizards and are very content to let misunderstandings lie."


yes, this

If anyone's in the mood to write their congresspeople, #ThisFineCrew has got a nice template about shutting down the Dakota Access Pipline up right now: thisfinecrew.dreamwidth.org/24

Now write one about djinn fucking up the executives at Uber and Lyft.

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New story from Annalee Newitz: contracts with the fae in the gig economy, what could go wrong?


Went on a bicycle ride and brought back burritos for dinner. Trying to be hopeful about things.

"I don't trust anyone who says they wouldn't want to live through high school all over again"

Oh hey, I found the guy who's never met a queer person

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Make cis-white men and their allies afraid to exist.

Letters of marque, but for the capture and ransom of billionaires on yachts.

We need a streamlined process for admins to block instances.

re: stimulus shit 

@feld @irisjaycomics

VISA's gotta pay for that shitty office they built in Shallow Alto, and a dozen yachts for each senior executive.

stimulus shit 


Because banking in the US is a shit show, putting it on a card would be more effective than Wells Fargo, Chase, and BoA stealing it all through fees.

We need postal banking here.

Strength to everyone having to deal with clueless liberal tweets and comments on Slack about how our nightmare is over while people are still dying, homeless, and don't have healthcare.

The arc of the universe only bends towards justice if you get out and push.

do you think Anakin spent a lot of time on the star wars universe version of chan boards? i bet he did

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