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Just saw this posted to the transgenderuk subreddit

My preferred pronoun is ') DROP TABLE 'gender';

@Edelwood "Waifish Catboy Boyfriend" is now the name of my Elliot Smith cover band.


This would be interesting as a hive mind^W^Wteam service.

Multiple machines signed into a sync server through a shared account but able to pass one another URLs and have a shared bookmark.

Registration to enby.club is now open!

We're a small Mastodon based instance built for the non-binary community, allies and binary trans people are welcome to join also.

(Please boost to help build an audience).

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Some of my favorite albums from this year while I'm thinking about it:

* Angelique Kidjo, Remain in Light
* The Internet, Hive Mind
* Janelle Monaé, Dirty Computer
* Idles, Joy is an Act of Resistance
* Courtney Barnett, Tell Me How You Really Feel

@zyx that is a great list, have you listened to Idols' Joy is an Act of Resistance yet?

@mhoye there's a recent episode of Anil's Function podcast where that's discussed.

@mhoye it's less "IP theft" and more appropriation. It's just that IP laws are the framework at hand that Black creators have to respond to cultural appropriation.

@rawdon I disabled that rule in the hub. Now I need to find something useful to do with that integration.

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