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Agreed, the application of these software export regulations is ridiculous. (Well, the past 70 years of US policy on Iran is criminal.)

PayPal suspended BPAL for a fragrance name containing "Persian". They were reinstated.

I had a payment declined for a letterpress edition of a poem by Abu Amir al-Fadl (who has been dead for centuries!) because of the poet's name.

@fluffy ah, Milwaukee. I stopped in one of the shops in the airport concourse and the clerk made it clear if I didn't buy a gift box to send to a soldier, I would be reported to my political officer.

I'm shifting my questioning about projects and spaces from:

"I wonder if this will be queer-friendly?"


"I wonder how TERF-friendly and or racist the founders are?"

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@bgcarlisle I got an emphatic no from one engineer, but I think crashing the browser process is the safest thing to do here.

Inside you are two genies.

One is inexplicably blonde, favors pinks, and wants to marry an astronaut.

The other is brunette, wears Slytherin colors, and wants to steal your astronaut boyfriend.

@bgcarlisle I'm asking the rendering team if that was intended as a feature.

@nelson @mhoye this could be a great opportunity for Mozilla to do some diversity work in helping find grantees?



Writers: * borg intensifies *

Everyone: BOOOORG-ING!

The world would be a better place without incells, red pillers, and the various *gaters.

And instead more people who film the cats in their neighborhood.

@anthracite @OldBrushNewPaper my mother and father's graves are a thousand miles off in Texas, so I do the time honored tradition of casting my eyes skyward, grimacing and thinking "MOM, what now?"

I guess I can go to the crypt in Hayward and see if @cynthia1960's mom will relay a message.

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@OldBrushNewPaper for what it's worth, looks like Dublin is less hot than the Continent.

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