Do not dignify bad-faith actors with your time, your effort, your answers, or your platform. Block them and move on to real work.

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Politics, Who Flips First? 


The Democrats will accept fascism rather than allow Clinton, Obama, and Biden to face accountability for their war crimes.

oh god, not him 

What stupid fucking shit is Nazi Space Boer gonna do to get attention after all this?

Me, at the griddle, with a big pile of onions, a heavy duty spatula, and a bunch of thin, flat burgers, getting a good crisp char at the edges: a good anarchist.

Restoring human rights in a few days instead of decades 

You will now have been able to strip white christian nationalists of their lands and other assets which can be returned to Indigenous peoples and make reparations with.

Then you can invite the ICC over to prosecute them all for crime against humanity.

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Restoring human rights in a few days instead of decades 

0. Arrest and strip of office all members of House and Senate who conspired with Trump
1. Impeach and remove Republican court appointees
2. Declare any state with an abortion or trans healthcare ban to be in open rebellion for refusal to honor the 14th amendment and arrest their governors and legislatures
3. Impose or reimpose reconstruction on those states
4. Use RICO on surviving white supremacist groups, including churches

US politics 

We could spend 50 years fighting to get our rights back, or we could do it in one day.

US politics 

What these things tell me is Whoever's Left does not regain bodily autonomy rights by doing any less than what the right did. A response has to begin with the premise the Supreme Court, and possibly the USA itself, is illegitimate. You ONLY regain rights now if a court stands up and says no precedent under Roberts is binding, so the dogma that judges impartially interpret the law has to go. It's been disproven. You need personal attacks on existing judges, litmus tests on new ones.

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Capital and private property disrupt my ability to get meaningful work done at my job.


Good essay, it's hard not to see red these days, and this was a good call-in.

Also the Holzer quote: "Trust visions that don’t feature buckets of blood."

in the Paris Commune, they burned the guillotine as a symbol of bourgeois oppression. Robespierre didn't build communism, he built a literal death machine. the Jacobins who followed him did not build communism. instead, they would inspire Lenin to build a bigger death machine and falsely call it communism, which inspired Hitler to build an even larger death machine and falsely call it socialism.

beheadings may seem cathartic, but they won't build a better world.

mutual aid, legal, boosts+, divorce, transphobia, debt, stalking 

Hi again. I'm sorry that the last begpost was so vague. I felt like it had to be to stay safe, but I think it backfired. :/

I'm trans and neurodivergent (not to mention a bunch of other labelspam). I've been on the fediverse for several years, but I'm in hiding now because I'm being stalked by my ex-spouse. The marriage was bad and it got significantly worse after I came out. We're in the middle of a divorce and I'm several thousand dollars in debt thanks to legal fees. On top of that I'm also being sued for credit card debt. I can't get an y more loans. I need help. If you can spare anything or can boost this post, you would have my gratitude, and hopefully I'll be able to pass the help along when I'm in a better place financially. 💜

cashapp and venmo: Alt127

(if you'd rather send via paypal, please dm for the link)

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Also, Ken Paxton needs to be bodily assumed into Hell.

We can infosec all day but what we need is to protect people seeking abortions when the fucking cops show up.

abortion, privacy 

People aren't going to get put into jail in states disallowing abortion because they used some random tracking apps we. often feed junk to obscure skipped cycles anyway.

They're going to ask for rides, or email people for help, or text, or post on Facebook or Twitter or whatever because we have had this right for decades and it's going to take ages for us to get used to not having it.

I'm already tired of seeing people pushing cloak and dagger obscure tech-gatekept privacy bullshit. I want to see a dozen basic explanations of the easiest privacy options, the simplest defaults to set, the simplest changes to make TODAY. "here's what https is, and use these add-ons to make it your default." "Here is how to make a Reddit throwaway to ask a question." The time to hunt for the perfect solution was a long time ago.

It's time to offer up spaces and communications as trusted, known quantities and invite people to use them. And just bring it up regularly. Don't make people hunt for information. 😫

Destroy them.

Ruin their lives.

It’s the only way you’ll be able to defend your human rights from the people hell bent on taking them away from you, if not your actual life.

No more “reaching across the aisle.” No more “hear them out.”

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