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I’m trying to process this orchestral doom version of Blue Monday in this Wonder Woman trailer.

I mean, it’s one of my favorite songs, but synchronizing the sequencers to weapons fire? Um? I’m not sure about that.

If a woman or member of a minority asks "but what about safety?" in regard to police and prison abolition,

it is never enough to talk about the harm that police and prisons do and how they are failing to create a safer world.

The other part of your answer must be about transformative justice, about community self defense, about early interventions in harmful behavior, about systematic anti-oppression.

If you do not address 'but how will I be safe?' I guarantee you will not convince them.

When you outgrow an oversimplified understanding, leave it under your pillow. You might get visited by the truth fairy.

Devochka playing “Love My Way” with a theremin is definitely a highlight of the year.

@cantinto moving things from one place to another via physical means is trans culture and the cis need to respect that

Someone needs to get back on the novelty sunglasses track, because these 1950s Paulette Guinet snake glasses are the ultimate (And they sold on eBay for close to $8000, yikes)

In other countries, public higher education is paid for. In the USA, people are reduced to capering for corporate PR stunts to win a “scholarship.”

Vonda McIntyre, one of the founders of the Clarion West writers’ workshop, left her literary estate, and a bequest of nearly $400,000 to the workshop. She had passed away earlier in 2019.

I’m travelling and will miss this, but this panel on feminist science fiction this weekend at the Howard Zinn Book Fair has a bunch of wonderful people on it.

can you believe we all just accept widespread emotional manipulation and abuse in the form of advertising

@anthracite I mean, Marvel could hire you to write it, but that’d make too much sense.

Unreal. People in the federated timeline are debating whether or not to vote because “voting supports capitalism”. I do understand that there are a lot of anarchists on the fediverse, but not representing your own interests in the legal construct that you have to live under is, well, crazy. Otherwise, you end up looking like a “sovereign citizen” (for entertainment, look that up on YouTube) and no one takes you seriously.

Become informed and vote. Encourage others to do the same.

~ Playing Mario Party ~

You landed on an ally square! You get an ally!

*Koopa lowers on to my square*

Koopa: Actually, in some ways it's even harder to be a straight person in a queer spa—


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