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The world would be a better place without incells, red pillers, and the various *gaters.

And instead more people who film the cats in their neighborhood.

4chan, abuse culture, trolling 

4chan culture is best summarized by a line from Hamilton the Musical where Alexander Hamilton asks Aaron Burr, "if you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?"

4chan prides itself for "falling for nothing" and attacking others for showing anything other than contempt, which left them open to fall for white supremacy.

If a spin-off of a return to the Moon is a way to make ban the forking Nazi's, then I choose we go to the Moon (again.)

Death, Pets 

My dear, sweet Queen of Forking Everything died in my arms this morning. I have a cat-shaped hole in my heart.

Today was playing Public Service Broadcasting's "GO!" rather loud, following the commemoration the Moon Landing, a pleasant bike ride, cooking a big batch of chicken curry, making chicken stock, and maybe some milkshakes in a bit.

P(Comment needs moderation | Commentor is a dude AND Commentor uses word 'ideology') = ~ 1.00

boost if someone calling you a radical leftist is a compliment

open source software development advice 

If you do a thing in an open source project, and you have a hard time doing it because it's not documented, after you finish doing the thing... document it. If the project has a wiki, put it in the wiki. If it has a docs repo you can write to, put it there. Or at least blog about it so search engines can index it.

Please don't leave the solution to languish in a chat log somewhere.

When I asked for white people to be passionate about Black people and water I was talking about Flint NOT these virtual tiki-torch marches against the new Ariel. — Awa Gueye

“But people won’t work unless they’re threatened with homelessness and starvation!”

No, people won’t work for YOU unless they’re threatened with homelessness and starvation

There's a lot of under-aged anime avatars complaining about not being able to spew white supremacist talking points wherever they want?

What's up with that?

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