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Curate your own Fediverse 

You can:

* Use filters liberally to remove posts that annoys you
* Mute or block other people or bots who get boosted into your timeline if you don't want to see them again
* Try to remember to not click on CW's for stuff that will leave you feeling worse
* Unfollow

And you never have to explain why

You can do so for reasons that are entirely "selfish" or "petty"

E.g. "Their jokes were crass so I muted them"

Make the Fediverse a place that's good for you

Protestors in Hong Kong are cutting down facial recognition towers.

I'm shifting my questioning about projects and spaces from:

"I wonder if this will be queer-friendly?"


"I wonder how TERF-friendly and or racist the founders are?"

food, ICE, usgov, torture

I see ICE is still trying to meme their way out of a Human Rights tribunal.

Inside you are two genies.

One is inexplicably blonde, favors pinks, and wants to marry an astronaut.

The other is brunette, wears Slytherin colors, and wants to steal your astronaut boyfriend.

The world would be a better place without incells, red pillers, and the various *gaters.

And instead more people who film the cats in their neighborhood.

4chan, abuse culture, trolling 

4chan culture is best summarized by a line from Hamilton the Musical where Alexander Hamilton asks Aaron Burr, "if you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?"

4chan prides itself for "falling for nothing" and attacking others for showing anything other than contempt, which left them open to fall for white supremacy.

If a spin-off of a return to the Moon is a way to make ban the forking Nazi's, then I choose we go to the Moon (again.)

Death, Pets 

My dear, sweet Queen of Forking Everything died in my arms this morning. I have a cat-shaped hole in my heart.

Today was playing Public Service Broadcasting's "GO!" rather loud, following the commemoration the Moon Landing, a pleasant bike ride, cooking a big batch of chicken curry, making chicken stock, and maybe some milkshakes in a bit.

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