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If you are planning to attend WisCon (May 22-25, Madison, Wisconsin, USA) -- or even if you aren't! -- you can suggest ideas for people to talk about. Suggestion deadline: 19 Jan. Throw around ideas in this discussion:

#wc44 #WisCon #wiscon44

If we can’t edit tweets, can we at least version them?

Distributed versioning is a well understood thing.

Everyone who sees “Soleimani,” on the screen, hears “Solomani” in their heads, then flashes back to playing Traveler back in the 1980s: I see you.

Me: this is more of a stately procession of cats than a question
Lecturer: ???
[the doors are flung open, and the beginning of what seems to be a very long procession enters with an inordinate amount of pomp and circumstance]

Before you get too excited about Hatsune Miku at Coachella remember:

* it's in the middle of the desert
* it's full of straight people
* water costs a billion dollars a bottle
* did I mention the cis-hets?

COOL NEWS: As part of my annual New Year's Day portfolio update, I've re-uploaded EILEEN QUINN. It's now free to read in its entirety, for good this time!

I’m giving a talk at FOSDEM in Brussels on Feburary 2nd.

I’ll describe how and why we’ve changed how we release features in Firefox.

Did you know that we’re shipping Firefox every four weeks now?

App-ification gripes and opinions 

Same thing goes with all those web 2.0 sites that are programs that run in your browser

A web 1.0 site that's a big ol' wall o' links to files is often way more useful

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No project management methodology, no matter how effective, (not even SCRUM, Agile, or Kanban, etc.) can survive the conflation of estimates with commitments.

This is a good year to be unapologetically queer.

/me reads documentation on how to flash this ESP32 dev board with the latest Ono-Sendai firmware.

Here we go, new decade, all of human history riding on the next few years, and I’m researching tonkatsu recipes.

Strap in, light the mains, and someone shred some cabbage.

At this close of 2019, it's time to celebrate and honor an important moment in time:

This is the 3rd anniversary of mobile devices overtaking desktop computers for internet use.

Design and test your websites on mobile!

On top of unit tests, functional tests, integration tests, and static analysis, you need a linter. Tom Scott illustrates with the story of a date string format error.

Reminder: neurotypical behavior isn't good it's just common 👀

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