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Last month a group of Mozillians got together and sourced a Black History Month media list for White people wanting to educate themselves.

Frequent reminder that nobody’s entitled to have a startup or a business especially:

If the business processes discriminate out of the box.

If you can’t pay your workers and have to classify them as “independent contractors.”

leaving a big beaker full of mysterious black fluid in the back of the freezer, labeled with a sticky note on which is written only "[object Object]"

Taking your business cashless tells me that only privileged white people are tollerated there, and you don’t care if your employees never get tips.

If you were thinking the National Pray Breakfast was a legitimate institution, and not a mechanism for the maintenance of White Supremacy, I hope you were disabused of that notion today.

If you sell a pesticide that damages crops which haven’t been engineered to withstand the pesticide, and which you have to purchase a license to grow, wouldn’t that be extortion?

Ok, but the pronoun stickers used by the America Chemical Society are actually badass?

Today was a good day to spend on a ten and half hour flight without WiFi.

“[Y]ou might as well have asked the caucus workers to whip up their own JavaScript.

Kevin Roose on the incompatibility of apps with democracy.

Homeopath, I'm going into battle and I need your strongest dilutions

Minneapolis implemented ranked choice voting several years ago, and also began hand tallying ballots because there were no machines or software certified to do the counting and reallocation necessary.

The city began setting expectations early: you will not know the results on election night. Everyone survived, there was no calamity, the results were just as real and valid. Life went on.

It's the expectation of instant results that's the problem.

today's short rabbit hole excursion and reflections on epub.

someone shared with me yesterday. it's a browser extension providing a simple way to follow tons of people. like an rss reader but possibly better. i may use it.

that led me to the creator's website which is a neocities throwback of beautiful proportions.

there i found a link to which scratches that itch i have for a simple feed of the world's news on a daily basis without being basically clickbait to encourage me to buy a subscription to a certain NYC-based venerable institution.

there i also found which led to, a magical website of raw html that makes me want to build little sites that do very little and see how far i can stretch basic markup. anyone remember the 10k challenge?

and that all kind of leads me back to thinking about epubs, which are literally zipped webpages with a few special files (.toc for the table of contents, etc) and how simple is better when putting those together. if you want pixel-perfect replicas of your print book, make pdfs. otherwise, embrace the medium, understand that folks need to resize their fonts, keep things neat and tidy, and make sure you test the files on multiple platforms for goodness sake.

It is a lovely day in 19th century rural France and you are a horrible flock of geese.

When one just realizes @LilyVers’s display name is a twist on the title of a New Pornographers song.

On the way to Paris for the first time and Gershwin’s ear wormed me from beyond the grave.

@jennie @ItsMorgan it’s like if Pinterest banned wine moms, or if Reddit banned Nazis, or if YouTube banned Nazis, or if Twitter banned Nazis, or if Facebook banned Nazis. It’s beyond comprehension.

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