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The Sharks tweet out a trans flag with a Sharks logo, and immediately a zillion little red, white, and blue Punisher skulls show up in the comments screaming bloody murder. White gun fetishists so predictable.

Hot take 


I think it’s really important to hold men and masculinity accountable when they and it fails to exceed the limit prescribed by those gender norms.

Feminism is inherently optimistic of men because it doesn’t allow men to simply skate by on the general incompetence laid out in some of these tropes, like the clueless and useless sitcom dad, for example.

Men *can* be more than the general archetype of our cultural definition of masculinity, and I definitely think it’s fair game to call it out.

Convection currents 200k deep under the 'surface' of the Sun drive the 22 year-long cycle of sunspots and solar weather.

Every bolt and rivet of the modern world is failing in real time and we're stuck watching a live stream of it all.

Notes from Mozilla's head techie on Comcast's DoH resolver (you can choose whichever DoH resolver you want the browser to use, or opt out entirely of DoH.)

*kicking and punching stuff in my room* Bring them back BRING BACK PURPLE COMPUTERS!!!

@emma @callie @nova no. no no no. can we go back to the catgirl thing? catgirls are way easier to validate

you just pat their heads and tell them they're a kitty

try that on XML, i dare you

TRANS QVP MASKS! You asked for them and we heard you! These face masks feature a mashup of the QVP and Trans Pride flags, and are limited to an exclusive run of 100. #queervillainpride

All proceeds from Trans QVP Face Mask sales will be donated to the Washington Black Trans Task Force.

It's 2020. Why is it still so hard to get a string of text, like a URL, from a computer to a phone

Facebook is the Large Hadron Collider of ignorant-as-fuck cis-White women ideas.

"an Algorithm did Evil Thing"

no. humans did an evil thing and blamed a computer. and now the news article title blames a computer instead of the cops being blatantly racist

faith, covid-19 

There's a powerful image in this article: the priest standing before the parish, represented by print outs of selfies made by the members of the parish.

Food, Drink 

I'm looking forward to the pitcher of Cosmos and the pork chili verde I'm going to make for Pride.

From an actual bug report:


Why wasn't this resolved as "WORKSFORME" instead of "INVALID"?

Hey, just published a great article on how I design and implement infrastructure, and how that shaped Cloud Island.

Check it out!

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