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Reminder to install ublock origin on your browser :)

Install SponsorBlock if you watch a lot of YouTube!

Install AdAway if you have a rooted android phone

Blocking ads is self care and helps give your brain a break <3

us politics 

Cheat sheet for violent right wing groups.

(note, I don't use 'pol' as a tag because 'pol' is 4chan bullshit)

This print is totally me and my black cat Hitomi.

She is 16 years old, sleeps all the time, and always on top of me when I'm in bed.

She is the best void cat.

The Hacktoberfest spam pull-request mess is too much like the problem we had at Mozilla where we'd get waves of spam bugs created when some online QA school told their students to file a bug on Bugzilla.

But it only has Brazilian Portuguese, not Continental, and the two languages have many differences by now.

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Duolingo's addictive enough, I just hope I'm learning something from it.

I'm taking Dutch and German and want to add Spanish.

I just realized that Twitter does not display user-entered alt text for images unless you're using a screen reader.

What the ever loving heck, Twitter?

That said, I want said fascist leader to survive and held to account for ALL of the evil he's perpetrated.

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One of the cool things about federated social media is that one can wish aloud for the death of fascist leaders without worrying about an arbitrary account suspension.

Should You Build for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Linux? Yes!

The holy grail of computer languages is to write code once and have it deploy effortlessly everywhere. Java likes to take credit for the idea, but UCSD P-Code was way before that and you co…

Original tweet :

I'm fine with W3C using Craft as a CMS.

1. It meets accessibility requirements
2. React is a nightmare
3. The goal to to produce a site that can be used on the Open Web

The Wordpress team needs to rethink their commitments to framework cults.


State-level charges, so no chance of a pardon.


Reminder that "HOT or NOT" is responsible for so much of why the current day and age is a shit show, by reinforcing heteronormative ideas and demonstrating for morally compromised that dopamine loops were a way to "make money fast."

As usual we have a word in German that perfectly describes what we witnessed tonight.

It's called "Fremdschämen" and it's the vicarious embarrassment you get when you see something so deeply mortifying, you feel embarrassed just watching it.


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