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never forget that git is so complicated that i managed to accidentally push a change request to change "toots" to "yiffs" on the mainline mastodon branch

@emma i used to work on SharePoint. i'm told we got a differential XSLT compiler from DevDiv at some point in the product's history, because SP is an XML party through and through, and it was not rare to have frequently modified style sheets used to render UI in the _megabyte_ range πŸ™ƒ

And I think arbitrary structured text was not as general a use case as we thought it was, once HTML showed up.

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I hope Steven Miller has to wear a cannula for supplemental O2 at his genocide trial, and that he has to have help to walk up to the gallows.

Man goes to scientist. Says he fears for the distant future. Says the difficulty of safe storage and disposal of nuclear waste weighs heavily on his conscience.

Scientist says, Solution is simple: entrust the nuclear waste to a powerful culture. They will protect people from accidental exposure.

Man says, But doctor, we consider ourselves a powerful culture.

Environment variables are difficult.

We spend insane amounts of time in our life troubleshooting environment variable induced issues, and I’ve come to realize that even seasoned GNU/Linux users are unclear about how variables propagate, let alone .profile vs. .bashrc.

Alright, since general-purpose instances seem to be closed these days, and smaller-focused instances are flourishing, lets make a list of good instances people on can move to! Places with good moderation, relatively good uptime, open (or fill out an application) and nice communities.

Lets try:
What is the instance
Who is it for

(boosts encouraged)

It's very wee and I have to learn how to type on a 40% setup, but it's darling.

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I am wearing my new cowl and it is super toasty and warm (which I need today even though it was 29 degrees yesterday).

Don't underprice your work in order to make it "accessible." Charge enough that you can afford to produce more, to produce better, and to give direct aid to those who need to most.

I went as femme Crowley for Halloween last year, so I think it's time to use that as my user avatar.

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