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Twitter wait until a coup attempt to cancel Trump is a reminder that the rich don't care about Black, Indigenous, or queer people.

uspol, throwback thursday 

am i like the only person who remembers this / archive

this is what i have been thinking about re: all the discourse in the wake of the attempted coup in washington, with people openly lying and most everyone else taking them at face value as if they were using words to say things and not simply making mouth hole noises while being fascist

Hey, I'm working on a reboot of my old site on names, gender, and tech, starting with moving some essays I first put up on Medium over.

The layout is very default for now.

Hey, I’m inventorying recent and historical Sherlock Holmeses I’ve watched, and if you have a good Sherlock Holmeslike you watched could you please tell me here? I collect Holmes and Holmes derivatives and they make me happy and I’ll boost.

Welcoming the new year with #Lagrange v1.0.2.

Bug fixes:
- wrong URL in navbar after opening tab in background
- trust server cert with multiple open tabs
- open feed entries with modifier keys
- editing identity notes
- verify domain with CN vs. SAN

I just want to lay on a blanket on a clear summer night and listen to the new Avalanches album on headphones.

Also, in 2021, use "politics" not "pol" as a content warning. This isn't 4chan.

Also if you think you're fucking clever by using a slur invented by white supremacists out of their fantasies of sexual betrayal, stay on 4chan with the rest of the garbage humans.


In 2021 I'll be reminding people that their class reductionist analysis is bullshit and the white working class is happy to participate in fascism.

My eldest would like to know a good website that talks about xenogenders. Can anyone help? It seems that web searching rarely works as it is flooded with mean crap. :boost_requested:

This was on several folk's top singles list, and I enjoyed it too, but the video is amazing.

Today in digital archaeology: I wanted a PDF calendar generator and found one from 2009 that seemed nice, but the website had long ago disappeared. Luckily the internet archive had crawled it, and since the code was GPL'ed, I was able to update it to build on a modern system and produce page-a-day agendas for my e-ink tablet.

I've just published a 38-page sampler from my upcoming book of advice on rejuvenating #opensource projects: "Getting Unstuck".

You can get this 38-page ebook for free when you subscribe to my email newsletter (1-10 updates per year).


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