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I discovered one of these in an isolated warehouse near the San Jose Airport.

America is built on grift and deception.

Just had to block an instance called `` which I guess someone thought was clever naming.

The one follow attempt I got from that instance was a dogs breakfast of white supremacist hash tags.

@emma @maya hey I'm one of the designers of solar ltm.

The server went offline yesterday indeed but we maintained the URL structure between the solar version of the site and the regular one. Just remove the 'solar' from the URL:

i complain that the two wolves meme won't stop but this is my longest running post on tumblr and it never stops

Song of the day: a mid-1980's chanson-style cover of that Badfinger song everyone thinks is a Beatles song.

I still need to commission my fursona: a glasses wearing desert cat in an 80's power suit, holding a mug of coffee while highly annoyed.

“The Hero has decreed... first, that the proper shape of the narrative is that of the arrow or spear, starting here and going straight there and THOK! hitting its mark (which drops dead); second, that the central concern of narrative, including the novel, is conflict; and third, that the story isn’t any good if he isn’t in it.”
- Ursula Le Guin

When you find the protest bullhorn while you're packing up the house to move, and use it to announce "attention cat, did you know you are a cat?"

People in my Twitter timeline in "Nazi in the dock at Nuremberg" voice: "vell, he vas just doing thought experiments in being a Nazi. Vie you think he's a Nazi?"


Lohikeitto is the best. Andong has a great hack to use instead of fish stock.

Take a baseball bat to the Press any time they treat any complaint by a Republican with any legitimacy.

impeachment, politics, religion 

I get the feeling that for some people, the extent of being a "good" person is supporting the right of occupiers professing the same faith as you to use white phosphorus on the people whose land they occupy, and no phones after sundown on Friday, even while you make false witness on behalf of someone who despises people of your faith.

A Raspberry Pi 400 modified to have a Planck keyboard would be called

This took me down a detour where I learned the Execution Dock was a real place in London where the Admiralty Court hung mutineers and pirates, and not a big hanger that opens to space on a Belter station.

Anyway, pour one out for Andersen Dawes.

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