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If your hopepunk SF masterpiece requires that 99.999% of humanity dies. I'm gonna submit it's not hopepunk, it's just rapture-fic.

I remember when Kim Stanley Robinson was at WisCon, talking about how the interests that people like Senator Manchin represents are going to do everything they can to let them keep burning their fossil fuel assets and we're going to have to do the work to stop them.

Good news in the news (USpol/Tribal pol) 

Celebrating that after decades of striving for water justice, the CSKT (tribal confederation in MT) has gotten the US government to put in motion an act that will protect and expand their water rights. This is hard fought and well won, may it be one small piece of a journey towards needed international tribal sovereignty and water freedom!

Today I learned that external URLs in CSS aren't requested by CSS, but by the DOM node that needs it.

If public funding for the arts is a way of ensuring artists can survive and thrive while enriching culture for everyone, NFTs are the mirror-universe evil twin, a way of securing funding by pandering to unthinkable egoism that's directly opposed to the public good

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> "In the run-up to the 2020 election, the most highly contested in US history, Facebook’s most popular pages for Christian and Black American content were being run by Eastern European troll farms."

Marvel/Disney could resolve the Carter/Rodgers dilemma by putting a lampshade on it, someone from TVA muttering how it caused the Trump administration and the Yankee's world series slump.

Seattle: atmospheric river

Oakland: fog condenses on soot (from fires PG&E is responsible for) on PG&E lines causing widespread power outages

'MURICA, people.

Oakland-style queer Sundays: drag queens holding court and everyone dancing to reggaetón. And food trucks, which are good when you've been hauling things on the cargo bike all afternoon.

Killing each other in the name of Freedom (tm).

* Freedom is a trademark of the Auto Dealers Council. Remember, public transit is a commu-terrorist plot.

Oculus’ in particular is an incredible example of a company being so transparently focused on its own horrible data collection priorities that it can’t even get the fundamentals down, it’s much more invested in showing you “trends” and “friend activity” than your own

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A German company developed a pane glass for windows that replicates the way birds see spiders' webs so they will avoid flying into them, thus greatly reducing the high avian death rate caused by collision with building windows

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One of the things I love about our stack at work is we can connect to running web app instances with a REPL.

It's great for more than just debugging. You can create utilities callable from the REPL.

The history and geology of Meteor Crater, Arizona, and why there's not a 50m sq block of iron to be found there.

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