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Basically for a trans person to recognize that banning the existence of out trans children in schools is partially to keep cis children in the dark about what trans people are like, I just want to go "and now you get why racial segregation was so important that it had to remain de facto".

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Looking forward to the assholes who promoted and defended Prop 8 getting dragged and shamed for future generations.

The WisCon troll of 2008 hurt a lot of people I love and care about, and Something Awful amplified them.

Something Awful's amplified the privilege of (primarily young) white men and treated it as inviolate.

Good riddance, and put Lowtax on the same row of penis flatteners as Hayek and Lee Atwater.

i think egypt should get the queen's corpse to show off in their museums or eat it if they prefer

I haven't gone through a proper storm with it yet, but so far I'm liking service.

Certainly cheaper than Comcast, and run by some nice folks.

More tiny servers running on RPis and less mining rigs.

The truth about blockchain is that the entire machinery isn’t being run by miners who facilitate interesting transactions and computations.

It is a global machine fueled by an increasing number of suckers, duped by “luminaries” into pouring more resources into a bottomless pit.

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The answer to “we live in an unjust Capitalist society where basic access to resources is gated in money” is not “build an even more money-dependent web that centers money at its core and funnels it to early adopters and the rich”

smdh y’all should know better

I can't even escape conspiracy theories in my favorite game.

Let's see here.

The only way to make an item into a private good is you must be able to exclude people from using it, and to make sure once it is consumed by someone no one else can consume it.

And NFTs don't do either.

This has been a friendly reminder that NFTs are like Whose Line Is It Anyway. Where everything is made up and the points don't matter

Wide-legged, gathered trousers with large, fleece-lined pockets, so when someone compliments them. I can pull out a cat, and say "thanks, it has kittens!"

Yesterday at the pet supply store, I learned that most domestic pet food companies have to ship food overseas to be canned. Because some fuckwit billionaire decided that resilience was hurting his wallet.

Brave (business model: uber for cryptographically verified, decentralized pyramid schemes) just announced that it's bundling a cryptocurrency wallet in its browser. The announcement called Brave "a web3 browser" and touted CoinGecko integration to "invest smart with live and historical market data, and see growth potential for hundreds of crypto assets". They previously blogged about NFTs.

They're not even trying to hide it anymore. Brave is just a vehicle for shoving cryptoshit into web browsing.

Brendan Eich was originally going to implement a version of Scheme for NetScape but had to switch to a Java-like lang last-minute. I guess he's finally self-actualized through Brave to bring Scheme to a browser. More specifically, a Pyramid Scheme.
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