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Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because they screenshot dunked the two angels sent there to do a vibe check

SUPER delighted to announce that we're hiring an Open Science Librarian at New York University Libraries

This is a new position working to build up our science research services, with openness as a core value 🔓

Apply here:

Preference given to applications before March 15th; must be able to work in the US. I'm chairing the search & may be able to answer some of your questions about it!

#academic #library #librarian #openscience #job

I think it's weird that people can unironically go on tirades about how the US is the freest country in the world but in the same breath joke about how googling something will get them on a watchlist

"Aaron Rodgers leaves NFL and buys a Eurorack rig" is now a plausible headline on this cursed timeline.

On the current OSS controversy.

1. Stop assuming infrastructure code is produced by library elves for free and pay people to build and maintain it.

2. Hold jerks accountable for their behavior

"Jaywalking" as a crime was invented by car companies in the 20s, to shift blame to people on foot for being hit by cars. "Littering" was invented in the 50s by paper cup and tin can manufacturers to shift blame to people who drop trash. The phrase "personal carbon footprint" came from a BP marketing campaign intended to shift blame for climate change away from petrochemical companies to individuals.

When they call themselves "the party of personal responsibility"?

This is what that means.

i'm not like the other girls, but i do have an identical hash value, which may result in surprising worst case behavior

Song of the day: Fontaines DC live in the before time, "Hurricane Laughter" describes how I'm feeling about *points at everything*.

He had pushed a conspiracy theory regarding the death of someone a bunch of us in tech and open source either knew or respected, and my hunch is that that something in the contents of that push violated the TOS.

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Hey, so that person who deleted all his GitHub repos?

Dude has a history of problematic behavior which is behind a lot of what happened.

There's legit reasons not to use GitHub, but I don't think what happened in this case was one of them.

Academia: We need to fix the problem of PhD's and postdocs writing software and research tools but not being able to support them long-term. We need to be more sustainable, like Industry!

Industry: If this is an argument for de-funding public institutions to give us tax breaks and there are exactly zero follow-up questions about the precarious free-software house of cards that supports the entire tech industry, then yes, we agree

Great set by Jungle recorded in a Paris Metro station for Arte.


2 5/6


suicide, cancer 

An old acquaintance of mine, who has fought off bouts of cancer for the past 30 years, is showing herself out on her own terms (legal in her jurisdiction) tonight.

I'm processing this still.

This is someone who has always done things on her own terms out of necessity (they've been a programmer most of their life) and this ending is in keeping with that and I respect the choice.

But it's still a thing.

I wonder how hard it would be to make an MMO that anyone could run a server for, but you could move characters between servers, so you didn't have to start over if one shut down or the person running it turned out to be a dick.

Like, when I was in Living Greyhawk (worldwide tabletop D&D campaign) you got a certificate at the end of each adventure starting how much GP & XP you had, and any favors or magic items.

I wonder if you could do that, but attach some evidence that the server was running a known version of the code and adventure?

Hey the wordle guy sounds cool.

"I am a bit suspicious of mobile apps that demand your attention and send you push notifications to get more of your attention," he said.

"There are also no ads and I am not doing anything with your data, and that is also quite deliberate."

Asked whether he planned to make money from it, he said: "I don't understand why something can't just be fun. I don't have to charge people money for this and ideally would like to keep it that way."

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