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I doubt anyone from @PINE64 is listening but now that the iPod Touch is being discoed I would love a device to replace it-- small, wifi only/no cell, camera, etc. Listen to music, use as a mobile device, take pictures. That's kind of all I need. I can tether to a phone if I need to. There was talk about a similar device a while back but it sounds like it got ditched, maybe the demise of the Touch is enough to revisit it?

Self care tip: take some time to enjoy the schadenfreude of the NFT market collapsing

A tale of a trailing dot - how allowing a dot lead to two curl security vulnerabilities - and more.

Did I tell you trailing dots are evil?

Now I want to build a little lifting body and fly it as a payload on a model rocket.

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Tuesday throwback: The launch of the ESP32, which was to endear itself to hackers the world over almost immediately with its fast clock rate and great networking abilities.

Original tweet :

Yes, SLS is going to be amazing when it launches, but the spacecraft I'm really excited about is the Dream Chaser.

Reminder that there are other ways to "permaban" Trump.

If your first reaction to someone escaping sex work, one set up by a patriarchal grip and exacerbated by capitalism is to be like “shouldn't have gone into it” with no acknowledgement of HOW systems like this exist, you hate sex workers. Very little wiggle form for otherwise. (

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Maybe Nazi Space Boer made a deal with the unseelie court, and every day he's not the Main Character on Hellsite, he has to spend a 1,000 years in servitude to Peter Thiel.

The answer to "can a bunch of libertarians and criminals trying to avoid financial regulation and accountability manage to wreck the world economy" is "of course."

If there were "good Republicans" in the 1960s, then why didn't any of them beat the shit out of the person who suggested "the Democrats are abandoning the southern white supremacists, so let's cater to them to get their votes!"

You know just a thought but like… maybe building up critical system after critical system on the premise that we would have a nonstop, steady stream of supply was not the best idea in the long run? idk 🤷

The writer's bio links to his book on how Democrats and Republicans can join hands under their dead christ to discriminate against queers.

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This conveniently ignores the actual history, where the GOP needed a distraction from their institutions still getting sued for segregation (nearly a quarter century after Brown v. Board) and their straight up Nazi fears that white people would become a minority, so they breed more.

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The writer goes on to make up a story about how the GOP got their opposition to abortion all wrong somehow and if they'd only "care about pregnant women" (sic) that everyone would be happy to ban abortion.

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Magical Girl Party!

ZOMG! The Fediverse. It's like the Metaverse, only with less Metaverse and more queerness.