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Rich people and Google employees thinking glorified logistic regression models are an existential threat instead of a greenhouse earth, patriarchy, and fascism.

First thoughts about Robin Sloan's Spring '83 protocol.

This has much of the energy and community that was missing from Gemini.

Why, because the conversation is happening in the protocol, not the mailing list.

Also color, and fonts!

I'm taking my family to a puppet show about queer, Black teens who find dinosaur bones in South Minneapolis and fall through a portal into the time of dinosaur mass extinction, and I looked up who's directing it. This guy is-- Harry Waters, Jr., aka "Marvin Barry" from "Back to the Future". 😃

You ever sometimes think about Adam Smith and when he said

Mais if those business people start getting involved in politics and all of that?
Gonna be going back to feudalism

I think about that a lot

Here's HTML Journal, a simple format to write journals in HTML: #theWorkshop

@unlofl @healyn @sweetmercury @radicalrobit there simply is no level of evil you can write a male character with that a bunch of men won't go "he seems to be getting a bad rap"

meanwhile female characters have to be written as bland and vaguely nice because even the slightest flaw will render them "unlikable"

The pandemic highlighted how much indoor air quality matters, and just how much structural choices from over a century ago are why it's so bad.

#2634 Red Line Through HTTPS 

Some organization has been paying to keep this up and it hasn't been removed from search results. Seems like two votes of confidence to me.

Updating internal firewall rules because of the water dispenser is not the future I was promised.

Ban luxury seating and private boxes at sporting events, or tax the hell out of them.


Wear a mask and sanction those who don't.
Fire and disown Trump supporters.
Treat crypto supporters as the crooks they are.
Shame whiteness and heterosexuality.

Mandatory financial conservatorship for anyone holding crypto.

Can folks content-warn for AI-generated imagery? There's something about it that makes my stomach do a flip and my brain glitch out in the most not-fun way.

Facebook running musical ads claiming that spying on you is a good thing.

Need musical ads extolling the virtues of shutting down Facebook.

Covid, libertarian fools, Nazis 

Sigh, same group that defended the fascist weev, endorsing easily forged proof of vaccination.

Neither weev or anti-vaxers deserves any quarter.

"We hire Nazis, r u triggered," is not "diversity of thought."


New federal reserve interest rates indicate that MMT (probably better known as modern monetary theory) is falling out of vogue?🤷🏻‍♀️

I got the same vibe over here; Sweden has been pretty MMT-ish (def not as a stated policy of course) and now it seems like it's falling out of fashion?

Which, kind of unfair because what MMT predicted would happen did happen (increased spending led to inflation) and their proposed cure (jack taxes the heck up) has not been impemented.
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Magical Girl Party!

ZOMG! The Fediverse. It's like the Metaverse, only with less Metaverse and more queerness.