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death, criticality events, memes 

The mememification of the Demon Core.

Three large pieces of a Space X Dragon's unpressurized "trunk" survived reentry and plowed into a sheep farm's fields in New South Wales.

It's not just a Mainland China problem: every spacefaring nation and entity needs to be careful about where expendable stuff from orbit goes.

Fun cover of an XTC song from "Skylarking" which was one of the first CDs I ever bought.

There are a lot of reasons to be disappointed in how phone cameras don't and can't take good pictures of the moon, but it's hard to be annoyed with how the lens makes a waxing crescent look so delicate like it was painted there in one stroke or like it's a tiny reflection of light in chipped glass.

YouTube Video Title: "You Spend More on Rust Than Gasoline (Probably)"

Me: "How much am I spending on C++ and Go each year?"

Mars mission where the aeroshell holds several "nests" with heaters and RTGs for power that are distributed across a large, area of interest to researchers, along with a bunch of little mars helicopters which can flit between the nests as they map and document the area in detail.

dall•e, eye contact 

I used the prompt "David Bowie cosplaying Doctor Strange as a concert poster".

Hell is being forced to revisit the discourse on the "attack helicopter" story every three months.

@feonixrift Until Monroe addresses this issue himself, I can recommend . It has good transcripts of what is depicted, as well as explanations for those who lack the knowledge to get the jokes.

@alcinnz next up: browser plugin to replace xkcd links with explainxkcd links, to go along with replacing twitter links with nitter links, etc...

dall•e image, human 

This prompt worked out pretty nice.

dall•e generated imagery 

Dall•e doesn't know what fins on model rockets are. But does a good job with "Mojave Desert with Mountains in the Background"


I haven’t shared an photo in a while.

Tonight’s dinner is braised beef short ribs. The Bowl had some nice ones. I’m using Ethan Chelebowski’s recipe as a base.

It makes sense that Hugo scales well in this head to head test of static site generators, but where's Jekyll?

On this sysadmin appreciation day, expand your thinking to those non-computer systems that surround us that need to work reliably every day, that need routine, unglamorous care and maintenance to keep the wheels on the world.

Reminder: it isn’t a housing crisis. There’s plenty of housing. We have a landlord crisis.

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Magical Girl Party!

ZOMG! The Fediverse. It's like the Metaverse, only with less Metaverse and more queerness.