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So the ETH merge happened, and now apparently the process is that… existing holders of large amounts of this currency can now have transactions quickly arranged by a small number of managing systems.

This structure is… familiar, somehow.

I'm willing to bet not a one of those developers consulted a copyright lawyer before they used millions of images they found online to train their AIs.

The lawsuits are going to be amazing.


The website "Have I Been Trained?" taps into the data used in Stable Diffusion and Google's Imagen AI models to help artists determine if their artwork has been used to train AI.


> "[W]hen life hands you sticker-riddled lemons, make a lemon sticker scrapbook."

In which some of my ex-Mozilla colleagues and I talk with The New Stack about diversity and inclusion in open source, software supply chain security, and when double-blind code reviews can help a project.

"The Tamarians communicate through references to their shared mythological context" is a cool concept until you talk to someone who's into the first sudden or so seasons of the Simpsons

... what she actually did, after staring at me for a few seconds, was go out to her car, retrieve her mask, and put it on. It seems she was too embarrassed to be the *only* customer wearing a mask, but seeing me in mine gave her permission. Another great reason to continue to mask up in public.

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P.E. Moskowitz had a different take on the Weiss essay, but it's pay-walled.

I'd summarize it as them saying 'disabled people are doing themselves a dis-service by medicalizing their conditions, but Weiss is full of bullshit.'

However, and this is a thing I frequently disagree with Moskowitz on, I think they push people who are already marginalized to take on what able-bodied, cis-gender, neurotypical people should being doing: dismantling these systems.

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TERFs, just like any other form of form of conservatism, is a purity cult, and the more "pure" one is, the the less one is bound by the rules that apply to the rest of us proles.

And purity for TERFs is a white, blonde, able-bodied, child-bearing cis-woman.

People want to run their own servers, and they do. But they won't, if the price of that is dealing with unix.

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If you are in #Philadephia there is a badass bell hooks symposium coming up on 9/24

"Join us for the inaugural bell hooks Symposium at Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books. On Saturday September 24, the country’s leading scholars, writers, activists, and cultural workers will spend the day honoring the legacy of bell hooks. Four panels will explore hooks’ ideas, writing, and personal impact through rich, honest, and accessible discussions."

#Philly #symposium

Firefly Aerospace is recycling and will attempt next 🚀 at 4:20 PM Pacific. 😹

#OtD 11 Sep 1973 right-wing general Pinochet launched a coup against the elected left-wing government in Chile of Salvador Allende. Backed by the US and UK, Pinochet went on to torture, jail and kill 10,000s of working class activists.

"What Amazon has done, in effect, is purchase the 3,441 years that comprise the Second Age."

Now in stock, @municipaladhesives x @grace collaboration:

Freya, fierce pirate of the fjords, commandeered docked ships & sank them, or lolled around napping & sunbathing. The government of Norway, scared her contempt for work & private property would spread to her legion of admirers, executed her in cold blood on 8/14/2022. AVENGE HER!

Priced to sell in quantity to decorate your block & give to friends & family. 3.5" sticker, black ink, white vinyl. Buy here:

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Got around to tattooing another of my demon engravings last night on a good friend :3

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Magical Girl Party!

ZOMG! The Fediverse. It's like the Metaverse, only with less Metaverse and more queerness.