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Person talking about asset bubbles and the environment keeping them up at night.

Dear, what if I told you the two are related?

paper mario is fucking terrifying to me. imagine someone tells you that you can turn a new way and suddenly you can perceive an additional dimension of space. all of mario's dialogue should be screaming.

What RMS, Torvalds and the like cost us 

Please take a moment to write MFF an email about banning Milo, it is worth the five minutes

Do all these libertoddlers think capitalism is still the engine of innovation? Y’all loving your ISPs? Your Airlines? Your AAA games? Your jackless Iphones that force u to buy dickish AirPods then brick after 3 years? Y’all loving fighting w your insurance providers or just letting your diabetes kill u in your sleep? Y’all stoked over Utube, Amazon, Disney, Apple, Hulu, Sony, Sling wtf that is, CBS etc divvying up ur shows so you’re monthly streaming bill is 5x higher than any cable package??

So has anyone explained to @mastohost how GC "feminism" is just different branding on white supremacist essentialist nonsense?

Curate your own Fediverse 

Protestors in Hong Kong are cutting down facial recognition towers.

I'm shifting my questioning about projects and spaces from:

"I wonder if this will be queer-friendly?"


"I wonder how TERF-friendly and or racist the founders are?"

food, ICE, usgov, torture 

Inside you are two genies.

One is inexplicably blonde, favors pinks, and wants to marry an astronaut.

The other is brunette, wears Slytherin colors, and wants to steal your astronaut boyfriend.

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Magical Girl Party!

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