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My graduate school wasn't just on stolen land, it was funded by selling off other stolen land.

America is built on theft of labor and land and genocide.

I don't want fully automated luxury communism. I want gay root on the server.

By the way, if you want the best way to support @OhPoorPup's incredible work—or just loop the banger boss battle music like I have been for a year straight—I highly recommend picking up the soundtrack on her Bandcamp here! Trust me, you're gonna want this.

Google and Apple hate hierarchical file systems almost as much as they hate URLs.

#2519 Sloped Border 

"The slope will be 74° at ground level." "Okay, I think we can hack together a ... wait, why did they specify ground level? It's 74° everywhere, right? ... Oh no, there's a whole section in the treaty labeled 'curvature.'"

"let's exclusively teach the great man view of history in achools" they said. "it will be fun" they said...

What is Facebook, if not engineering learned helplessness?

Just realized that besides the Ponzi scheme aspect, Bitcoin also suffers from the problems associated with common value auctions.

A NFT of "this is not a place of honor" is redundant.

Do not buy NFT made with my art.
Do not make NFT with my Creative-Commons artworks.
If you respect my art, remember and apply this.

Here is my article about what just happened:

#NFT #NFTCommunity

Why are people excited about a service branch created by an incompetent authoritarian white supremacist?

I mean, all the service branches were created by white supremacists, so why be excited about any of them?

we were reminded of this today so we're sharing it again: the Introvert Time comic

(nine panels, can't transcribe right now - @imagecaptionspls :help_describe: )

AppleTV+ has previews for shows with diverse casts, and then they make it clear at the end of the trailer that the hero's a white guy.

"Congratulations to drugs for winning the war on drugs." is going to be something i say obnoxiously too many times for the next five years, i can feel it

When does Matt Stoller stop blaming everything on changes to regulatory policy and realize the root cause of the problem is property and capitalism?

Reminder that a US/UK/AUS alliance is the sort of thing desperate white supremacists would do.

The Space Force should lean into being the cosplay branch of the armed forces.

I've had this domain so long without doing something with it, so consider this an early Halloween gift.

Frequent reminder that the US Space Force is a really bad idea.

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